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  1. Jim Duncan

    17th century clock find, barnfresh!

    Perfect "old" colors and just the right amount of aging! Nicely done. Jim
  2. Jim Duncan

    17th century clock find, barnfresh!

    Is the red coating under the brown color a "primer" to improve paint adhesion? Or might it be to keep away the wood borers? Still a nice journey you have given us! Jim
  3. Jim Duncan

    French Pendule Religieuse by Chauvin of Lyon

    Dean - The paper backing under the dial plate - what is the image? I can't make out the subject. Thanks. Jim
  4. Jim Duncan

    Frisian "staartschippertje"

    Great find (again!). Do you know - when these clocks were new (c1850) were the small ones cheaper than the standard ones (less metal)? Or did they cost more because they were uncommon? Nice video, too! Jim
  5. Jim Duncan

    Large Cuckoo - What is it?

    Dave I'm no expert on cuckoo clocks, having worked on only 2 of them in my 12 years of old clocking. But those 2 clocks taught me a few things. Older cuckoos are not high tech, but they can be maddening to work on with all their levers. Take a lot of photos (and sketches) before you...
  6. Jim Duncan

    17th century clock find, barnfresh!

    On the x-ray there are very clear layout lines for the chapter ring partitions. Can you tell if these are made with pencil or scribed/etched into the wood? Can they be seen through the paint, or are they now covered with filling and paint? I am wondering how they stand out so clear in the...
  7. Jim Duncan

    17th century clock find, barnfresh!

    It's good to hear life long experiences with old clock care and feeding. It looks like a wooden dial. Would you have treated a painted metal dial any differently? If you wanted to touch up some of the old paint how would you remove the beeswax? Thanks again, Jim
  8. Jim Duncan

    17th century clock find, barnfresh!

    Did you wax the dial? Jim
  9. Jim Duncan

    17th century clock find, barnfresh!

    Astounding find and capture! Amazing that it escaped the beetles and worms all those years. We look forward to more revelations on this clock. Are there any maker's marks or indications where precisely it was produced? Will you be able to get the dial x-ray'd for old paint underneath...
  10. Jim Duncan

    Why did E. Howard paint their marble cases?

    Thanks for the photos, Jim. Delaney Antique Clocks has a website that states that the E. Howard marble clocks were made from marble. The pine back case was painted white. The selling auction got back to me with an answer to my question by saying that the numerals and minute rings were painted...
  11. Jim Duncan

    Why did E. Howard paint their marble cases?

    Don't know. This is my first encounter with E. Howard's "stone". Auction house refers to it as "painted marble". I would expect good material from E. Howard based on reputation, but I've never had one of their clocks myself. Jim
  12. Jim Duncan

    Why did E. Howard paint their marble cases?

    I recently came across an online auction where an E. Howard wall clock was offered. The case was described as painted marble, and the photo showed a white, slightly marbleized (or smudgy) dial. The chapter ring numerals were painted on and a bit faded/worn. I'd attach a photo but the auction...
  13. Jim Duncan

    Early 19th c. German three train hook and spike, iron dial, long pendulum

    Chris - Another semi-mysterious, süddeutsche clock! Perhaps I have a long lost sibling, that so far has defied identity. I made up some comparo views. The seller of my semi-mysterious version was an antique seller in Austria. She thinks it is south German or Swiss, and dates it to 1730. I...
  14. Jim Duncan

    John fessler grandfather clock

    Dale - If you wanted a thorough history of dial maker Osborne, check out CLOCKS magazine (clocksmagazine.com) issue January 2020 through April. John Robey is eminently qualified to tell the story and does it very well. Jim
  15. Jim Duncan

    A faceless wooden wheel clock from central Europe

    Dean - The "system" couldn't find Frank Snyder Do you know of any other way to contact him? Jim