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    Curious Seth Thomas Louisville

    I recently acquired what I believe to be a Seth Thomas Louisville parlor clock but I'm thrown by a few unique features on this particular example. The most notable is the pendulum; as this clock should have come with the cut glass pendulum common to the Louisville, Pittsburgh and St. Paul. This...
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    Birge & Fuller Fusee set up

    I recently acquired this Birge & Fuller detached fusee double steeple with a JJ Beals label. As I go about reconditioning the movement, I’ll need to set up the fusees. The clock currently has old gut that has snapped. Would this have been the original material used? Should I replace with gut or...
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    case part WTB: Ingraham Nyanza Glasses

    I'm looking for all three (dial, throat and lower door) glasses for an Ingraham Nyanza banjo clock. I'm only interested in original pieces and would prefer ones without touch-up or alteration to the original paint (chips or slight paint loss would be preferred to anything that has been touched...

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