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    Smooth Broaching New Bushings

    LLoyd Your welcome The gage pin reamer is actually very sharp with a 90 degree cutting edge when compared to a broach. Under these conditions, bronze has not been noticeably different. Jerry Kieffer
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    Fusee cone click ring - How was this made?

    Since we are discussing the recreation of friction fit, for future reference, I will throw in the following. Where appropriate, ID holes down to about .5mm can be knurled as follows. I first install two micro ball bearings on a micro dental bur per first photo. I then mount the ball bearings...
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    Fusee cone click ring - How was this made?

    Skutt I have not come across this example as I recall. However, assuming I understand and see what I think I see in the photo without the part it in my hands, I would have probably repaired as follows. First I would have seated the outer ratchet ring over the inner ring assuming a...
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    Need a new spindle adjustment nut for a WW lathe

    Short of finding a proper fitting original replacement, It is unlikely that you will find a Tap for this thread . However, a replacement can be easily single point cut and properly fitted if equipped. Your best bet would be a Home shop machinist or a Model engineer If your not equipped...
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    How Do You Reduce Backlash (end play / slop) for the "Y" Axis of a Sherline Metric Lathe?

    Rob With the metric lathe the handwheel is calibrated by 100 divisions per rotation therefore 13 divisions seems like a lot. However in reality it's only 13/100 mm or about .005". Jerry kieffer
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    Picture tour of replacing a staff on a Waltham 6/0s wristwatch, enjoy!

    Al This discussion sometimes comes up in class when demonstrating a procedure to grind off a staff hub on the lathe per attached link. To demonstrate any effects of driving out a staff, I first grind off the hub and...
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    How remove Rust whell Omega?

    Skutt50 is correct in regard to rust that very often digs into the metal if not found almost immediately. Personally, the only effective method that I have found to remove all traces of it and stop its progress is with a Paasch Air eraser. Rather than go into a long explanation, I will...
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    Robert Porter's Micro Drilling Attachment?

    Dells I am sorry to hear that you have the Gout as mentioned and I am familiar with the issues it can cause. However, In your post #31 first photo, shows you have installed a drill chuck on your lathe tailstock. As such, I am curious why you would not use a spotting drill to find center...
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    Looking For My First Lathe -- And Some Questions About A Top Contender

    While soft metals are certainly better to start with, free machining steel such as 12L14 is more representative of what will be encountered. If you do not get the same results in other metals, before checking setups and tools, make sure the metal is machinable and your lathe tool is designed...
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    Looking For My First Lathe -- And Some Questions About A Top Contender

    Rob I would suggest the following to get started. (1) first read the Assembly and instruction guide from cover to cover at least twice. (2) Properly adjust and align the lathe per instructions and or contact Sherline if assistance is required. (3) Learn to adjust the lathe tool height...
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    Pinion replacement

    Dells Not all procedures work with all applications and not all decisions made work out. Its part of the learning process and the use of sound logic coupled with common sense. While your wheel was not in my hand, based on the attached photo, I surmised that the pinion OD...
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    Balance Pivot Dimension

    Don Generally the pivots on the top and bottom are the same length or very close. Measure from the top of the balance cock cap jewel to the bottom cap jewel and subtract the thickness of each cap jewel per attached photo. This will give you the overall length and the pivot lengths can...
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    Pinion replacement

    Dells Jim Dubois Is a superb craftsman and has brought up some good points. While we are both equipped to cut new and or make a repair along with others, we have both indicated we would cut a new pinion in this case if a replacement was not available. However I truely admire...
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    Looking For My First Lathe -- And Some Questions About A Top Contender

    Betzel I would strongly suggest anyone considering the purchase Vector Lathes, compare them side by side to readily available similar vintage watchmakers lathes. The quality difference is truly stunning Per Wefalcks comments. While I have never owned a Vector Lathe, I...
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    Pinion replacement

    wow Any of the major machine tool supply houses. Endmills generally come with stub , regular and long flute lengths. For this type work, I would suggest stub length for stability. A sample link is as follows If...

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