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    Picture of 163 Bunn Special Type 11E

    I remember all the fuss about these models. I own a type 1R in a two tone 206 case. Now, no one gets excited about the 163 watches. Jerry Freedman
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    Dudley Masonic Watches

    At the most recent meeting of Chapter 52, the widow of a member walked in with two Dudley watches. They appear to be oiginal and complete. We know that the watches have a good value, but we know nothing else about them. Due to poor estate planning the entire estate is stuck in probate court...
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    Date from hallmarks (English Sterling, Frodsham)?

    The Frodsham website has never mentioned the Arnold and Frodsham watches with 5 digit serial numbers. My #17367 has ad fmsz on dial and movement. I have never found a satisfactory answer for the 5 digit watches Jerry Freedman
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    Chronometer by Russells of Liverpool (or is it?)

    Mercer chronometers made after WW2 often are in boxes made without the upper lid. Jerry Freedman
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    Favorite Elgins

    Several of my Elgins in this series of watches have a dial by Peacock jewelers. How many of you have some of them? I know this may be the wrong place to ask but, I have been looking for a 155 for quite a while.
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    Jules Jurgensen or What?

    My J. Alfred Jurgensen #734 uses the exact same movement. Jerry Freedman
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    John Wesley Powell

    When Powell explored the Grand Canyon he carried four chronometers down the Colorado River. Is there any record of the instruments by type or name? Might the USGS have such records if they exist? Jerry Freedman
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    E. Howard size N

    I don't have any pictures of my Series 4 Howard. I have some problems with my camera. I am not comfortable with taking the movement out of the case myself. I' see what I can do. Jerry Freedman
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    A clock on Pawn Stars

    They repair all sorts of items, including clocks and watches.
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    A clock on Pawn Stars

    Has anyone watched The Repair Shop on Netflix? Give it a try. Jerry Freedman
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    Elgin 155

    The old Roy Ehrhardt Elgin guide shows model 155 as a 3/4 plate watch. On page 110. On page 113 it it is a three finger movement. Misprint? Jerry Freedman
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    Rare experimental free-sprung Waltham Model 1859 prototype movement

    Cutmore's The Pocket Watch Handbook has a good article on Morton's escapement. Page 156.
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    E Howard #124

    If any one has a 14K case like the one the watch was in, I'm interested. I want it for a 23J Waltham/Howard. I hope I'm not breaking any rules with this post. Jerry Freedman
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    NEEDED: an education on the Waltham model 1888

    Looking at model 88 #4145011, I see a difference in the train? bridge. This is cut straight across the long end. Others seem to be curved. Why the change? Jerry Freedman
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    E. Howard size N

    I own Howard #48980 Series IV. When I bought it some people said the case was not original. The reasons given were the very small gap around the plate and that Dueber never made cases for Howard. The case is an 18K hunting model. It shows no extra screw marks, and does not have a detent screw...

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