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    IBM Master clock model 35 Parts?

    I just bought a IBM master clock Model 35. The oiler for the motor shaft ( right side) is missing. Can you get parts and a service manual for that clock? Thanks Jeff
  2. Jeff

    Hermle movement cleaning

    Well there you go. Tear it down,cleaning it,repair it, you might as well get a new movement. Wouldn't it be, better on a Hermle movement to replace it. Jeff
  3. Jeff

    Hermle movement cleaning

    Is there anyway to clean a Hermle movement without taking it apart? Thanks Jeff
  4. Jeff

    What oil to use?

    So how long would you hang around to find out if Mobil-1 worked? 10yrs?, and why do they call clock oil, clock oil?:confused: So am I using 5w-30 clock oil in my Honda? You think that years of clock making that they would get it right. Jeff
  5. Jeff

    New Haven Count Wheel

    Thanks, That helped alot. Jeff
  6. Jeff

    New Haven Count Wheel

    I've been working on a New Haven Banjo clock Movement. The gear that drives the count wheel on the strike side is cracked and is slipping. I don't think there is a replacement I can get. What would be the proper way to repair that gear. It is a press fit.
  7. Jeff

    I am a boneheaded idiot! (a lucky one)

    Dave, Nothing like a few extra parts. Now if you installed that Gilbert part, and it still worked,now that would be something. Jeff
  8. Jeff

    Now I've heard everything!

    I was in a cash register business for 35 years, Selling and doing repairs. You will never please everyone. Working 6 days a week,taking calls at night and Everyone is blaming you for down time. You can be the very best at what you do, but that still is not enougth. That is why I do most of...
  9. Jeff

    Hermie 141/20 movement

    Well the problem I was having was, that if I attached a wooden stick with a bob to a shorten suspension, say total length of spring was "5 1/2,and the stick with the bob was the remaining length to bring it to the required 38cm,I got this woble,which the suspension stopped and the wooden stick...
  10. Jeff

    Hermie 141/20 movement

    So was that movement made to use only the suspension as the total length, and just hang a bob on the hook?,or could you shorten the length of the spring and install a wood stick with a bob. I tryed the later and got a eratic movement of the pendulum. With a hook on the end of the suspension it...
  11. Jeff

    Hermie 141/20 movement

    I bought a Hermle 141/20-38cm movement for a clock I'm building. I has a front preformed suspension spring with a hook. What type of bob should I use? The spring is 5"11/16. Total length should be "14.9606. I can get a longer spring. I know I can put on just about any thing, but I want it to...
  12. Jeff

    Now I've heard everything!

    Al, I agree with what you said. I'm now having second thoughts. I in the past had done favors for customers and it came back in a bad way. I've not delt much with paying customers as most of you have, I done this as a hobby for a number of years. So what I'm seeing on the forum is good...
  13. Jeff

    Now I've heard everything!

    What I would do, I would fix it. Then I would tell the customer that I would warranty only the repair, not the whole clock. Then I would say if the clock gives him trouble,then he should get it rebuilt and credit him for the work you did. I done this in the past and it seems to work for me. If...
  14. Jeff


    I find Merritt's a little cheaper on some parts and tools. I was looking to replace a Hermle movement and looked in my 2007-08 Merritt's catalog and got a price.When I went online that movement was almost double in price. So I called Merritt's and the said that the higher price was correct and...
  15. Jeff

    Hermle-Plated pivots Part 2

    Doc. It is good to know what we are up against when we repair a older German movements. I had a Urgos movement in for repair from the 70's and it had alot of wear.Most of the bushing were bad. The strike had stopped. To rebush and repair and clean,would have cost more than to replace the...

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