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    Contrate wheel end-shake adjustment: Loctite or not?

    clear nail polish on threads holds dries quick no fuss to remove
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    Ansonia pendulum wobbles. Why?

    try tapping a tapered pin slighty in the back of slot to force slot open... I'm thinking there is a bur on the inside of slot causing ur twist... clean up slot give slot a light squeez remove pin put suppension back on lightly crimp eyeball everything for a slight twist thats often the cause...
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    Hand tools

    don't really need drill press adapter the reams will fit in drill chuck if thats the way you want to go
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    Hermle Barrel Mainspring

    check the barrel hook should be able to see which way it catches the hole on the spring then wind accordingly
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    cuckoo door

    That is plenty of weight, I would look at your door wire and the bird perch position. see if perch can be adjusted to push out farther with slight bend. might need to adjust door wire to reposition it
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    Rip. Chris was a good guy and always quick to help!
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    How would you fix a broken hook on a lead banjo clock weight?

    try a wood cutting paddle bit used to bore holes in wood ...get small size and drill one end to other.... a spike will work also cut head off hammer other end into spade shape to desired width
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    What’s That Sound?

    sounds like possibly dry pivot... check to make sure one wasn't missed when lubed
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    How to separate Count wheel from main wheel

    grind or file heads off of studs fix spring stake back together if needed make new studs
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    ST124 : fluctuating speed

    possibly the main spring is sticking to itself ...sometimes they get tacky and the coils stick to each other varying the power. if so clean and lube but I figure you already done that though
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    Help Moon gear misaligned on Seth Thomas grandfather clock?

    If the new movement has a second hand shaft it may be hitting on the back of dial if your dial isn’t setup for second hand
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    Koma anniversary clock: replacing suspension spring

    Glad you got it Usually a little heat will work Small torch or soldering iron
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    Urania 400 day clock with Mercury Pendulum

    Pretty cool clock.... nice
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    Missing Square

    Nice job ! Thx for sharing both ways
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    Very disappointed

    exactly what sb said

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