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    Help setting time WALTHAM 14 size

    Thanks for the tip on the winding stem. I've never heard of this feature before. Do any other models have this feature? jjw
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    Emperor Case ID

    Can anyone identify this case trademark? Thanks, jjw
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    South Bend: Arrow Mark

    How do you accomplish this without this feature? Remove the canon pinion? jjw
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    South Bend: Arrow Mark

    Another lesson learned, thanks. jjw
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    South Bend: Arrow Mark

    Can anyone tell me the meaning of the arrow mark next to the serial number? Thanks, jjw
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    Request for Rockford Serial Numbers from 1-255,000 ( now expanded to 500,001)

    I guess I cannot eliminate the second possibility of my watch having 11 jewels without taking the watch apart. I prefer not to do that. I wish I would have asked the watchmaker when it was serviced. 9 or 11 is the best I can do.
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    Request for Rockford Serial Numbers from 1-255,000 ( now expanded to 500,001)

    No, I have not had the dial off, but in the Rockford catalog, the 11-jewel movement is shown as having one more jewel on the top plate, and mine doesn't have it. Also, the top plate jewels are shown with screws, and mine doesn't have those, either. This is the best evidence I have.
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    Request for Rockford Serial Numbers from 1-255,000 ( now expanded to 500,001)

    Here are the details on my Rockford: Serial: 23062 Size: 18s Model: 1 (1 case screw) Jewels: 9 Setting: key; Wind: key Finish: Gilt Date: 1878
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    Rockford Private Label Watches

    This whole thread is amazing. I've never seen such beautiful watches, front and back.
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    New York Standard Crown Wheel: Removable?

    I looked at close as I can. I can barely see threads, but not with enough clarity to tell which way they go. I turned the screw with as much force as I dare to do in both directions, and it won't budge. Honestly, I don't want to ruin the screw because I won't be able to fix it. Given that I...
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    New York Standard Crown Wheel: Removable?

    This post relates to "Lavina 105 (?) Ratchet wheel screw. Left hand?". When trying to remove the crown wheel screw on a NYSTD 1573, I could not budge it, left or right. I removed the keyless works and discovered that the wheel does not need to be removed to get the barrel bridge off. The...
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    American Watch Advertising

    A great thank you to PatH for referencing the Feb 1995 Bulletin article. Being from Rockford, it is fascinating. jjw
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    Early Rockford model

    I love Rockfords because it is my home town. Can you get this one running? jjw
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    High Dome Crystals

    I have had a couple of occasions to replace watch crystals. I chose to use the highest dome crystal available in the right size, and also the thicker ones, if available. This leaves a little of the edge of the crystal exposed on the finished watch. I'm not sure if this would be objectionable...
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    Instantaneous vs. Average Timing

    Thanks, Al. That sounds like a very meticulous process. I guess there are no shortcuts.

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