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    Torsion Schatz 53

    I am looking for Schatz 53 pendulum and parts or movement for a 1957 Mademoiselle 400 day. Plate 1013. I received the clock in pieces, with everything above T3 either missing or broken. If you have these parts, or your box of old movements has a 1013 to go, I would be interested. Your help is...
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    Bouncing girl

    How is the crutch attached to the spring on this novelty clock? The freebie came in pieces. Thanks for the help
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    Clock parts wanted Obsolete older posts II

    Re: Schatz platform escapement pivot of the escapewheel s broken see the picture
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    Clock parts wanted Obsolete older posts II

    Schatz platform escapement Clock parts wanted I am looking for a Schatz platform escapement for my Royal Chime mantelclock (same as their Royal Mariner). The clock has a W3 movement, with a brokenseven jewel platform. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks, Jacob
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    Stockburger ships clock

    Thank you for the info JTD, The clock is in pretty nice condition, should be a pleasure to work on it Jacob
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    Stockburger ships clock

    After removing the movement, I noticed that it is a Hermle 1979 132-071with a 4 jewel platform escapement. Inside the clock is an ink date stamp 22Marz 1978. The dial is 3 1/2 inch diameter. The 6 inch dia clock is mounted in a22 inch spoked oak wheel. Anyone knows anything about this...
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    Stockburger ships clock

    I just bought one, and am trying to find some info on the company. Without much success. Any one knows more about it than that they were in St Georgen in the Black Forest. Thanks, Jacob
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    advice needed

    I spent a fair amount of time gathering info on this clock and its repair. Mostly from Dutch websites. I have a synopsis in English. If interested let me know via private message. Jacob
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    Who made this one

    Thanks foryour replies Andy Dervan and John Hubby. Afterposting the movement question I worked on the rusty 5 rod gong. This is anEMBE, which was a trademark of Mathias Bauerle from St Georgen in the Black Forest. Could my clock be his product, ordid they make only gongs for others?
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    Who made this one

    The wall clock is of very good quality. Case has beveled glass. Movement has 155 x 130 mm. plates, plate thickness 3.5 mm. On the backplate : 43 and 345814. No other markings. It feels Gustav Becker-ish? Appreciate any info you have. Gratefull, Jacob

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