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    Embarrassing Question - How To Properly Use This Winder

    Hi Rob and all members of this board, the very best wishes for the comming year. Due to the lockdown in the Netherlands, I had some time to spare, and made an upgrade for the Bergeon 4126 springwinder. This upgrade is for the open American spring. Btw the original winding handle was a crime...
  2. Jaap

    Advice for Newbie

    Hi Phil, welcome at this site. First to do is remove the wheel from the barrel. You can do this by twisting the wheel so the tabs will come free.
  3. Jaap

    Confused about ordering bushings?

    Hi Shut, I think 2 bushes staket on each other is not a brilliant idee. Where would the oil go? Between the 2 bushes. I think in this case it is better to use bush wire, wich you could cut in the needed length, like we used to do in frisian clocks.
  4. Jaap

    Help Broken dial foot

    It is a great example of out of the box thinking. Love it.
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    Run to the warning too long?

    No harm done Dan. It was to good to let pass. In holland we say "het was een open deur in trappen. It was an kicking in an open door. I loved your reaction.
  6. Jaap

    Run to the warning too long?

    It was clean when I bought it
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    Run to the warning too long?

    A piece of extandable sewertube works for me. And an in heigth adjustable chair.
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    Help Trying to restart my Seth Thomas mantle clock

    It is all here.
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    Help Strike train stalling on French movement

    Welcome Eddy, for what I can see is the bushing for the gathering palet worn out. Is there any bushing work done? Maybe the bushing is to tight.
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    Help Ansonia Open Escapement strike train lagging

    I hope this will work for you.
  11. Jaap

    Help Ansonia Open Escapement strike train lagging

    Can you go for a less wider spring and somewhat stronger, so the spring is in the barrel. Is the bushing in the barrel oke or worn out? You have only one bushing to keep the barrel straight.
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    Installing e-clips

    Jonard.com sells these E & C Clip Setter | Jonard
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    Kienzie Movement

    Is the clock in beat? Is the anchor correctly adjusted? Just a guess.
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    Kienzie Movement

    Hello, and welcome to this forum. Was the end of the spring worn out or broken off. If it was broken off there could be some problems with teeths or arbors.
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    Help Ansonia Open Escapement strike train lagging

    Let's see what you come up with. Is there some side play of the arbor between the plates?