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    $ Thomas Mercer Survey Clock

    Thanks Paul Peter
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    $ Thomas Mercer Survey Clock

    Jens I bought it at auction so I know nothing of its background. It runs but how accurately I do not know. I agree its seen little use. I've had it about 10years Its serial number is 19666 from about 1951 There is a matching recorder but I've never seen one. Enjoy! Peter If you don't know its...
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    $ Thomas Mercer Survey Clock

    Jans I paid much the same for my Mercer chronometer as I did for my survey chronometer. Peter
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    Army and Navy Victoria street

    My karusssel pocket watch in an 18ct Thoms gold case shows the range of goods that A@N dealt with. Peter
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    book about jewelers regulators?

    The third of Roberts book deals with 'Precision Clocks from France , Germany, America and Recent Advancements' and deals with the likes of Janvier Berthoud Brequet Riefler, Strasse and Rohde. Its a great book with wonderful photography, but does not specifically mention 'Jewellers regulator' as...
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    Newsome & Co Kew Karrusel 18ct Pocket Wath 1895

    I am lucky enough to have a karrusel retailed by Army and Navy serial number 9008 (in a Thoms case) It has three Kew A certificates for 1905, 1907 and 1911. It was awarded 83.2 marks in 1911 I don't know the maker, Looking through the Kew records 1901 to 1907 , as far as I can see all are...
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    International Chronometer Index

    Tom, you remind me, Rory McEvoy has left NMM too. Peter
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    Electric WW Rewinding ESA9162 T coils: success

    That's a brilliant result. May I ask what tooling/setup you use? Peter
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    John Poole 2 day chronometer

    The National Maritime Museum has 4209 and Bett's recent book 'Marine Chronometers at Greenwich' fully describes it, including the fact that it was made circa 1866. (The 'made' date being likely the sale date, marine chronometers took up to about 3 years to make and finish) So it is a fair...
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    John Austin of Watford, 1710

    Les, We know its history (or some of it!) It has been in the church since 1710. But it's the man himself and his business I was after. Peter
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    John Austin of Watford, 1710

    Our local church has a turret clock with a nameplate showing the above. An hour on the net has not revealed anything. Anybody any knowledge of this maker? Thanks Peter
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    Thomas Mercer Survey Chronometer

    I got 1922 from Tony Mercer's book. 1922 was the year that Mercer decided to make the Survey chronometer after Kullberg introduced an example. Tom, I think maybe that the push switch In the Greenwich picture) is a 'push to run ' switch. The explosive expert calls out 'T-5' and you push the...

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