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    Ibehooved replied to the thread Stumped by a Schatz 49.
    Congratulations David. I have several of these running and several that refuse to run no matter how much effort a brilliant ideas I put...
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    Can anyone help me identify and date his longcase clock found in a relatives house? Why does this long are clock have winding holes in...
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    Ibehooved replied to the thread Bent EW pivot.
    Worked on it today, getting nowhere. When you say “hold the plate at an angle to horizontal” does that mean “not horizontal”, like...
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    Ibehooved posted the thread Bent EW pivot in 400-Day & Atmos.
    I have been wrestling with a Schatz 49 for a few weeks now. I suspect it has a bent EW pivot, since it will run fine for about 3/4 of a...

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