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    Berlin Clock Maker, Conrad Felsing

    Felsing Clockmakers "Conrad Felsing – was a watch and clockmaker based in Berlin. He came from a family who had been clockmakers since 1733. It appears the family moved to Berlin in 1820 and changed their name from the original Voltzing to Felsing, probably because it was easier to inscribe on...
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    Amazon Smile supports NAWCC

    I saw the banner on the home page and atop about supporting NAWCC. So I performed a charity search for "National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Inc" and parts of that, including "NAWCC" "clock", "watch", "collectors", "NAWCC, Columbia, PA" AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives. Nothing...
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    My Third Clock

    Hello fellow members, The clock arrived and the chime bar had not been secured and its bent now. Any ideas on how to best straighten this without breaking it? Thanks, Howard
  4. HowardHorology

    My Third Clock

    Thanks everyone for the helpful and interesting information.
  5. HowardHorology

    My Third Clock

    Thank you very much, Tatyana. I enjoyed reading your posts on the LFS thread also. xHH
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    My Third Clock

    Thanks so much! Materiam superabat opus.
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    My Third Clock

    Thank you, Andy. I'm glad you like it. Your opinion means a lot to me. Cheers, Howard
  8. HowardHorology

    My Third Clock

    Hello all, Hope this finds you well. I have stayed with German made clocks so far on the clock collecting journey. This looks like a small table or desk clock? I thought maybe it was c. 1920-30 with its art deco look? We would love to hear your own observations. Cheers, Howard cc: LFS...
  9. HowardHorology

    Post your LFS clocks here

    Thank you very much. I did find the following information. "LFS is a Lorenz Furtwängler and Son registered trademarke. The logo was first registered as a trade maker in 09/21/1881 and again in 01/22/1895. The Furtwängler and Son clock factory or Uhrenfabrik (German for clock factory...
  10. HowardHorology

    Post your LFS clocks here

    May I introduce what might be the smallest Lorenz Furtwängler and Son clock on the LFS thread and my third clock acquisition? As a new clock collector, I am always pleased to learn more from our esteemed and knowledgeable NAWC members and look forward to your observations. Thank you. Sincerely...
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  12. movement close-up LFS

    movement close-up LFS

  13. movement


  14. Face opened

    Face opened

  15. Pendulum window

    Pendulum window

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