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    Pressure Angles

    See Jim Dubois' comment: Understanding Clock gears | NAWCC Forums Hessel
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    Pressure Angles

    On this site: Gear Tooth Strength Analysis of High Pressure Angle Cylindrical Gears | Gear Solutions Magazine Your Resource to the Gear Industry A clear example, see screenshot. Hessel
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    Tips on drawing (by hand) cycloidal gear tooth shape

    May be the data of addendum-radii (ogive profiles) here of any help ? pp_thornton_information.pdf ( Hessel
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    Which milling machine to buy

    Hello Eric, As you saw now about 44 members have read your question and no answers till now... I think, but may be wrong, that your question has a too wide spectrum and so cannot be answered in a simple and compact way. Let me “translate” your question if the message was placed on an...
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    Guidance from the knowledgable? - Custom clock in aircraft instrument

    Hello Slushieken, First of all: I presume you do -not- want to buy a commercial available one e.g.: Here or: Here It's clear that these clocks have a simple electronic clock-mechanism ($ 3) behind the dial. Ready to go .... I've disassembled several aviation clocks in my former life.. as...
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    Can you use a mill and rotors table to "turn" a main wheel?

    Demo on YouTube: Wire EDM a gear wheel - YouTube Hessel
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    Thin cuts

    NICE (and educational for me) addition ! Thank you Jerry ! Hessel
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    Thin cuts

    Tom, E.g. KM Ultra-thin Slitting Cutter 0.1mm Hessel
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    Shape of escapement teeth?

    Chris, SUPERB book about this: Laurie Penman: Practical clock escapements. Hessel
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    #5 Regulator progress

    Spectacular Johnny ! And an educational project for many of us. Thanks a lot for showing "the making of …" Hessel
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    Painter’s tape

    To avoid misunderstanding: My remark was -not- to criticize this procedure, but caused by the fact that I thought (to my surprise) that the dividing was done without proper mechanical fixes. Happy to hear now that the size of the first tooth was the same as the last+1 ….;) Hessel
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    Painter’s tape

    I (personally) don' expect that many will do this, because most mills have tension-levers to securely fasten the table/bed. But if that (common) option is not available, this seems to be a good solution. Hessel
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    Riefler Pendulum Bob turning

    John, I have asked my friend, building a Riefler F type. Here his answer, may be this can help another little bit ? Hessel ///// So I quote his answer: It was quite a search, but I think I now know what it is. And then I concentrate entirely on the bob that John is talking about: the...
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    Riefler Pendulum Bob turning

    About the "free machining" INVAR. . Interesting information (even about cutter geometry!) HERE. H.
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    Riefler Pendulum Bob turning

    Well, last resort here.... I presume you also know the fabulous book-series: Präzisionspendeluhren (PPU) von Juergen Ermert. Website: HERE I saw there that the author (above) can be reached I should think, that he should ….:-) know the answer. Hessel

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