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  1. Harold Visser

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Clint, I owned 55137 for a while, I believe I might have sold it to that rancher in Oregon about 10 years ago........ Meanwhile here are a few more of my Howard transitional dials, both are Moorehouse if I recall correctly. Harold
  2. Harold Visser

    Odd cases

    Didn't realize white gold filled cases were that unusual... Just purchased this up/down Vanguard recently. It came with a factory Keystone 14K white gold filled case,makes for a very nice looking setup. Now that Geno55 mentioned it, I haven't seen white gold filled cases before either, but...
  3. Harold Visser

    A Howard and the missing E. Howard watch.......

    When reorganizing the E Howard ledgers recently, this entry for # 57412 caught my eye and I thought it might be an interesting read. It reads, "given to A. Howard to replace one lost on the Naragansett Bay." "A. Howard" refers to Edward Howard's nephew Albert who was a sales agent for the...
  4. Harold Visser

    My 19j Mdl 83. Factory or employee watch?

    Looks like factory set gold screwed in cap jewels on the dial side...... definitely 19 jewels with the caps jewels top and bottom....
  5. Harold Visser

    My 19j Mdl 83. Factory or employee watch?

    The Serial # is 4215182 Harold
  6. Harold Visser

    My 19j Mdl 83. Factory or employee watch?

    Just purchased a Crescent Street model 83 hunter with cap jewels on both ends of the pallet fork and escape wheel, making it 19 jewels. It also has an unique engraved pattern on the regulator star wheel and a large gold cap jewel balance setting. I have owned a couple of 21j 83s in the past and...
  7. Harold Visser

    Howard series III

    Nice to be back Clint, I feel bad, it's been almost 6 years since my last posts. Life kind of got in the way......
  8. Harold Visser

    Howard series III

    To get a little more precise, your number 7110 was finished on June 3 1865 along with numbers 7101 to 7120 that day. In looking at the factory ledger I see the movement is listed as "Chrono bal, N movt. Pat Reg". and was sold or consigned to Charles E. Hale & Co. the case maker (CEH&Co.) Harold
  9. Harold Visser

    Need help identifying Early Howard Type III production date

    According to the factory records #4472, was finished Feb 27, 1864 and sold to Charles E Hale & Co. , so it appears that it is in it's original case. Good find! Harold
  10. Harold Visser

    E Howard Ns series III

    Here is a shot of the original factory records page, finished March 28,1865 listed as Chro bal., n movt, set, (screwed down jewel settings) Pat Reg. (the Mershons regulator) Note that out of this group of 10, 5 were fully adjusted. Also note that GPR (George P. Reed) and John M. Harper signed...
  11. Harold Visser

    E Howard Production by Serial Number N series II & III

    Robert, #5013 was finished June 28, 1864 and sold to Charles E. Hale & Co. It's listed as "Chro. Bal N Movt. Pat. Reg". #2857 Factory record information is not available.
  12. Harold Visser

    Need help dating an Edward Howard and Co Movement Serial Number 43772 Series N

    44,971 was made in Dec. 1879 and sold to H. J. Spear in Sep 1880. Mr. H. N. Allen was the man that adjusted the watch.
  13. Harold Visser

    Howard Coles Escapement #24267

    Here's the page of the records regarding #24267, a $58 movement..... Harold
  14. Harold Visser

    Howard Coles Escapement

    The number 35 is based on the recorded Cole escapement numbers listed in the Townsend data base for the model 1862 (SER.III) Nsz. and 40 for the model 1869 (SER.V) Lsz. Townsend recorded approximately 8% to 10% of other rare Howards in the same time frame, so using that criteria, a rough...
  15. Harold Visser

    Why so much? turned into (Waltham Dial Discussion)

    Re: Why so much? As I look at the three line 72 dials, it appears that there are at least 3 variations, One, the script style on the top line and semi block lettering on the bottom 2 lines with "V" marks at each 5 minute mark. Variation 2, three lines all in script with "V" marks only at...
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