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    Question about NAWCC

    Two NAWCC registrations available $80 annual for basically on line only $90 annual to get printed copies of the Bulletin & Mart. Did you just recently renew and made the wrong selection? Richadd
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    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to Everyone!!
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    Watch Case Makers resource--what happened to it?

    These sorts of issues really are a befuddlement to me - there are still broken links that were never fixed from the last upgrade on the old forum site and now .... I understand all the issues regarding the effort involved and limited resources to get there, but at the end of the day I am (we...
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    New York Standard Watch Company

    Only one I have - acquired it about 15 years ago as a part of a package deal with an Elgin 16s grade 360. It is in good condition, runs, so I kept it. New York Standard; 18s, 7j, Grade No. 64 (I think) , s/n 3949569, ca: 1902 - 03 (best as I could estimate)
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    Happy Thanksgiving from the American Pocket Watch Forum

    To you and your family Rob as well. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    A plea for standardized American time

    Interesting read - thanks for sharing. Richard
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    Illinois 18s, Double Sunk Dial - Hunter Movement - Request for Information

    Kicking this back up to the top - anyone? Thank you, Richard
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    1859 Appleton Tracy model 57

    Very nice watch! Interesting, that the inscription, if I read it correctly, says 1870. Richard
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    Illinois 18s, Double Sunk Dial - Hunter Movement - Request for Information

    Does anyone have an Illinois Catalog reference which shows this dial and over what time period Illinois used it on 18 size (in this example - hunter) movements? The dial is marked "Illinois Watch Co" in script with red 5 minute numeral markers. Since this is a double sunk dial, would it have...
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    Hamilton Grade 977, 16 j, 16s, s/n 53204, ca 1897

    Thought I'd kick this thread back up to the top for a quick update. This watch was running when I received it in late July. After receipt of the watch, I sent it to Rob Carter for a COA and installation of a new alloy mainspring. After servicing, the watch has been running continuously since...
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    Magnetism and Pocket Watches - Articles from "Electrical Review"; Nov 1887-Feb 1888

    By the mid-1880's electricity was well on its way to powering industrial America with the pre-imminent electrical power source of the time being the Dynamo (an electric generator that creates direct current using a magnetized stator, a rotating armature, and a commutator - the first electrical...
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    Another ebay frustration

    Living where I am, if I didn't buy online I wouldn't have any watches. Over the past 20 years I have had a couple of issues with eBay sellers, but for me buying (and occasionally selling) on eBay has been a good and pleasant experience. Additionally, I have never had an issue with a watch...
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    lack of high quality pocket watches at the Regionals.

    You guys should consider yourselves lucky that you even have regionals and marts in your area to attend. Richard