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    Japanese Clock Repair - Is It Worth It?

    I think the Japanese did a pretty good job at coping these American movements. Repairing these are no more work than repairing the American movements the are copied from. This is a customers clock and should be treated as a familiy heirloom unless they explicitly tell you otherwise.
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    Deadbeat Escapement adjustment

    Your escape wheel pivot hole(s) are badly worn. In your last video you can actually see the pivot bounce with each tick, really noticeable around 19 seconds in. Also, I think your suspension spring is way too long. Good work on the pallets and crutch loop.
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    Cuckoo Clock Music Box question

    Looks like a Phillips head screw holding the music box in. Are you sure everything is original? Changing gears on the music box will likely change the tempo of the music. Is your replacement ratchet wheel an exact duplicate?
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    Missing Square

    I’ve always wondered how you can break off an arbor with just your fingers on key. I suspect most of these arbors are broken by repairmen twisting them in a spring winder. Who here has broken on with just key?
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    Help What screw thread was used on French clocks?

    Most if the french clocks I’ve worked on that were missing screws used BA threads. BA is British Association. Very hard to find in the states. Tap and die sets are available from overseas suppliers. -Greg
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    What Weight Would You Make Cuckoo Clock Weights?

    Maybe consider adding 10 to 20 percent to the area of the fly fan so the cuckoo calls don't sound frantic. as the clock wears the fly will keep the calls sounding regular.
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    Hairspring Beat Rate

    I know this is a long shot, but might anyone know the beat rate of these small German movements. Guessing these are from the 1970's. I know I should have counted the teeth...... Thanks, Greg
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    Help Cutting square holes

    You don't always have to cut the hole square. When I needed to make a square hole for a gathering pallet I was making I ground this nail set square and tapered. Drilled a hole in the gathering pallet and pounded in the punch. turned it over and repeated on the other side. If I recall...
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    Quartz 400 day Japanese Kisslain, Nisslain, Wisslain

    Consider an over lapping glue joint, say a 16th to 1/8 inch. The reduced length isn’t likely to effect the appearance that much.
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    Urgos thread size

    Oh great! Btw could you post a link to tap & die set you ordered? Thank you.
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    Cuckoo Bellow Not Working But Leather Intact?

    Wow! Good Job Rich ! Note to self: follow Joseph's advice and fill wood-worm holes.............. :)
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    Urgos thread size

    R&A, If you have a micrometer or caliper can you measure the outside diameter of the threads and post it? We can likely determine the thread from that (assuming some sort of standard was used).
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    Cuckoo Clock runs too fast

    The pin could be from the gathering palette. When that pin falls out the symptoms are cuckooing that never stops. If you remove the hands and the dial, you will see the gathering palette as a small kidney shaped brass disc partially covered by the rack, which is the curved saw toothed lever...
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    Finding the hole

    Congrats bangster. We knew the cat would help you out sooner or later. :cool: Btw, I like these Revere clocks. If anyone has Revere grandfather clock from the ‘30’s that’s complete I’d be interested in it. Just pm me. :) Cheers!
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    Well, Heck...

    Hey Bang, I'll have a shot or two for ya........

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