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Recent content by Glyn Meredith

  1. Glyn Meredith

    Does this Bulova A-11 look authentic?

    As far as I know, the Bulova A-11 was used by the US Navy, USAAF and the British RAF. Some researchers believe that the lumed version was issued only to the US Navy. The domed crown on this one appears to be incorrect and the strap is certainly not like the original. Bulova movements hold up...
  2. Glyn Meredith

    Global Horology Chapter 192

    Global Horology Chapter 192 is located on the Global Horology message board at www.global-horology.com/GHMB Our membership continues to grow steadily and our message board is notable for the civility, cooperation and conviviality if its subscribers. We discuss watches, clocks and horology and...
  3. Glyn Meredith

    American PW Need a jewel for An Elgin B. W. Raymond

    Does that 478 have an "INVAR BALANCE" dial, Dave? Glyn
  4. Glyn Meredith

    Tiffany PW case housing a Hamilton 916 - how likely is that?

    Thanks to all who replied. I appreciate your taking the time to answer. Glyn
  5. Glyn Meredith

    No chances to join NAWCC ?

    I've activated your account, Mario. When you have logged in, please send me a message through the message board e-mail or PM system. See you there. Glyn
  6. Glyn Meredith

    Tiffany PW case housing a Hamilton 916 - how likely is that?

    Thanks, Tom. That information would be very useful. The movment # is 3131092. Glyn
  7. Glyn Meredith

    Tiffany PW case housing a Hamilton 916 - how likely is that?

    How likely is it that a Tiffany 18K PW case and Tiffany dial are a good original match with a Hamilton 916 movement, c1926? I have such a combination, with engraving dated 1927 and the movement c1926. I've searched around the Internet for evidence of a Tiffany case housing a Hamilton movement...
  8. Glyn Meredith

    No New Blood In Pocket Watch Collecting

    Andy, Please come over to Global Horology Message Board sometime and check out our on-line horological community. Many of the members here are also members of GH and I'm sure you will find a very friendly and helpful atmosphere. Among our many forums we have public trading forums, pocket watch...
  9. Glyn Meredith

    No chances to join NAWCC ?

    Mario, If you are still trying to get into NAWCC without success, please come on over to the Global Horology Message Board where I will be happy to help process your membership for you. Best regards, Glyn
  10. Glyn Meredith

    Help With A wrist watch

    The banner shows "No Appraisals"; it's policy for this message board. However, we accept posts asking for appraisal on the Global Horology Message Board. If you are prepared to post some pictures, you are welcome to try there. Glyn
  11. Glyn Meredith

    We are looking for feedback on the test site replacing this resource.

    Thanks for your comments on the feedback, Ray. This bodes well for the future. Much appreciated. :clap:
  12. Glyn Meredith

    We are looking for feedback on the test site replacing this resource.

    Looks OK to me, Ray. I see no avatars or any way to report a post. Why Senior/Junior/Member distinctions? Glyn Central Tokyo Chapter #108 and Global Horology Message Board
  13. Glyn Meredith

    newbie needing help

    Certainly it's "worth fixing" but you are the only one who can really judge if it's worth it. Some would get it fixed just for the pleasure of getting it going; others would spend money on repairs if they think the resulting value of the watch is worth it in market terms. However, if you are in...
  14. Glyn Meredith

    newbie needing help

    Looks like a nice generic Swiss watch to me, Buzz. I doubt you will get more accurate information about the maker unless you post macro pics of the movement ... and then it may be impossible to identify. Did your watchmaker define "hosed"? There are many things that can happen to a balance...
  15. Glyn Meredith

    Odd 1942 Bulova w/ pushbutton crown

    Without discussing specific value, you got an excellent bargain. It should not be too hard to find another sweep second hand. Fixing the missing stem might be a more difficult task. Glyn You can discuss values on Global Horology

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