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    If you could only have one RR watch...

    I would have to say my Rockford 900
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    Mystery clock

    You folks saved me a few hundred. I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge. George
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    Mystery clock

    They would not let me take clock off wall. This was the best I could do for movement.
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    Mystery clock

    Tick tock time. I greatly appreciate your info. You saved me purchasing this. I agree, the case looked old, but crude. I mostly collect pocket watches, but if I see a nice wall clock... George
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    Mystery clock

    Any thoughts what this might be? It is at an estate sale. Thanks
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    NAWCC Events Forum

    Thank you Tom!
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    NAWCC Events Forum

    Good afternoon Tom. I see there is a tab for 2020 events. Is it a possibility we can get a tab for 2021 Events? Thank you! I am hoping the show event people will populate it! George
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    Orphan South Bend 219

    Thank you John.
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    Orphan South Bend 219

    Thank you, I need to study a bit to determine an appropriate case. Being a South Bend 19j pendant set, it will be a fine carry watch.
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    Orphan South Bend 219

    Normally I shy away from non RR Grade watches. This was just too nice and looked lonely. 40 bucks at an antique mall. I had no choice
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    Florida MidWinter Meeting in Lakeland

    I appreciate this info. It would have been a difficult decision. See you in 2022!
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    New York Standard Watch Company

    5534794 picked this up before I fine tuned my likes
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    Elgin 18S Veritas dial

    Model 8 is tough to find. Thank you Rick!
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    left a Columbus King by my grandfather

    There are some very interesting threads on this site that cover Columbus Kings if you are interested. Pictures, data, etc. They can give you a better appreciation for the jewel you have. Hopefully others can give you tips on searching. Since the upgrade about the only thing I look at is...
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    Do you have a "rare" or "unusual" Elgin pocket watch?

    Love the Father Time's The gold gilt and the free sprung Thanks for the pics!

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