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    What do you use as a "Mark" when setting timing?

    I don't give many opinions on the forums. Here's mine for 2021: I tell folks when I "fix" their clocks that getting a mechanical clock that stays within 2-4 minutes in a week is great. Anything less than 2 min/week is probably luck! I also tell them if they want to really know what time it is...
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    We've All Been There

    I once had a similar thing happen, BUT the whizzing piece was a two inch piece of mainspring I was removing from a barrel. That piece was about 2 inches long and had a dagger shaped broken end. That end hit me square between the eyes above my eyebrows. I immediately found myself bleeding like...
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    Movement ID S. Marti

    Now trying to post pictures for help in ID. Dial says FRANCE. Case approx. 9 inches tall. Thanks for help.
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    Movement ID S. Marti

    Have a small clock with round movement. (Trying to get pictures within the next several days.) Back plate has: Made in France 2184 Box with H&H in it Small stamped circle with Medaille d'or Samuel Marti Did forum search and didn't find anything about "d'or". Is mine older, newer, fake? Any...
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    Kundo Cleaning Question

    Thanks Doug for the advice. I had planned on the complete redo. Appreciate your reply.
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    Kundo Cleaning Question

    I am trying to restore a Kundo for a gift. I have limited experience with 400 day movements. The movement is marked as having two jewels. I would normally soak a movement in a commercial solution. I am concerned this might harm whatever was used to fix the jewels in place. Any advice would...
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    Pendulum swing. Adjustment? Timekeeping?

    Recently had a guy ask me about expected accuracy on a Howard Miller tall. Seem his clock that I had set up for him after a move was off 6 secs. per day. I basically told him I would love this 42 sec. inaccuracy per rewind week. Any thoughts?
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    Tall Case ID

    Sorry, no pictures available. I am on business in New Jersey and staying at the Grand Summit hotel in Summit, NJ. There is a beautiful GF clock (not running) in the lobby that has on the dial, "W. Robson" and "N. Shields". Anyone got any info on this clock. Thanx in advance.
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    Tricks of the Trade - Reassembly

    Joe, I found one example of a pivot "getter" at Timesavers. They list it as a PIVOT LOCATOR (Part: 15475). This just happens to be the style I prefer. Others are available. Or you could make one from an old screwdriver or file. It helps in reaching between the plates and pushing or...
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    Time Trax Model 160

    Thanks, Fixo. I will try them and see if a product manual is available. Jerry:thumb:
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    Time Trax Model 160

    Does anyone have instructions for the Time Trax Model 160 Multi Tool machine. I have searched and the only models I see any info on are the Model 185 or later. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx, Jerry :?|
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    Hand Restoration

    Please help me with your opinions. Cleaning and adjusting an old regulator to give to a family member. No brand, no trademark, time only. Don't have any idea how old. Now for the question. Would you clean the original hands or repaint them? I don't know which way to go and would like...
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    Shipping a Grandfather

    I have need to ship a grandfather clock. Could some of you tell me some good ways to crate and ship a clock with some assurance of it getting to destination without major problems. This clock is staying in the family and must be shipped from Tennessee to Florida. Thanks in advance for your...
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    Banjo Clocks with Hull Tablets

    Andy, I have one of these banjo clocks with the Hull glass. My father bought it many years ago at a regional or national. He had to have it since Hull is our last name. The information you have been given is correct in my opinion. Isaac Hull was born in Derby, Conn. in 1773. The battle...
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    Maury (Maurey???) Clock

    Has anyone ever heard of a Maury (possibly Maurey) clock that is a man sitting on or near a coffin? I haven't seen the clock myself but hope to and get a picture to post. The clock was described to me as marble with a man with a mask in his hand. The man is "gold". Anyone got any information...

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