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    1910 Model Waltham 37s 15 Jewel

    Thanks for the both of your thoughts and information. I hadn't really given the use of the "watch" much thought although I knew it was used as You described, a travel "clock" as opposed to a watch.................Joe.................
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    1910 Model Waltham 37s 15 Jewel

    G'Day All, I have the above described watch. Serial # 18997248. I have owned it for several years and added the serial number to the database. Recently I checked the database and realized there are only about a dozen watches listed. The database indicates that mine was in a run of 2,000...
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    Waltham Canadian Pacific Railway watch

    G'Day, Congratulations on your acquisition. I am by no means any sort of expert on these watches, but have done considerable reading about them over the past few years. Most of the information was likely obtained from these forms. It is my understanding that Waltham did not record the...

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