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    Elgin convertible 3 finger bridge

    Thanks and will be interesting to see if those anomalies ever surface as actual examples or if they may be reporting errors.
  2. Fred Hansen

    Rockford Grade 815 - how rare?

    Good question on 534289! It sold as part of a group lot at Bonhams a few years back ... ... and definitely had a Rockford marked dial at that time but I don't recall if it was the double-sunk enamel dial that is...
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    Rockford Grade 815 - how rare?

    Very cool and thanks for showing! I notice that despite its close serial proximity that your movement is not marked as an 815, do you think it's likely a Grade 820? I suspect the Grade 815 and Grade 820 relationship is similar to that of the Grade 915 and Grade 920 where the 915 and 920 were...
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    Elgin convertible 3 finger bridge

    I’ve yet to see evidence of more than the first 350 from the Grade 91 run being made. Can you show any example from the 942351 to 942500 serial range? I’ve probably seen 50 or more examples from 942001 to 942350 range, but seen zero from anything over 942350.
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    Rockford Grade 815 - how rare?

    Sure, but it's in pretty sad condition!
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    Rockford Grade 815 - how rare?

    Does anyone have any info on this Rockford grade? The Ehrhardt Rockford serial number book lists the 815 as being unique with a total production of 1 made, a sole example at serial number 513182. The 815 is not unique though as I've seen two examples at different serial numbers than what is...
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    Hamilton 4992B case inscription translation help

    Though mismatching of military watch case backs is common, it is not the norm and a substantial portion of military watches are correctly matched. Significant misalignment of the rear markings when the case is fully closed is often a good first clue that the back is not the original and that...
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    Ferguson Dial: Decoding the Swiss Style Codes Marked on Reverse

    Good topic! A few more styles of Swiss made Ferguson can be added to the list ... Howard (Waltham) 16s Ball-Hamilton 18s Ball-Waltham 16s Illinois 12s ... don't think I have photos handy for the codes on the rear of any of these, but will post back if I come across them.
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    Hampden "Golden Gate Special"

    And 751921 is an open face version marked the same
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    Hampden "Golden Gate Special"

    701999 is another
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    Non Magnetic Vanguard

    7021426 - 21J, HC, LS
  12. Fred Hansen

    Waltham 18s Vanguard Model Ads From 1895

    Gilt 92 models do exist but are quite rare, and are of course not the 83 model grades referred to in the ad.
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    How many interesting collectible watches are in the hands of collectors

    As for a 947 in ratty original case, wouldn't you expect the mvt in such a case to be way less than pristine Often yes, but quite a few times no. I think we've all seen choice movements in off condition cases, basically cases that have taken very high levels of wear and tear and/or abuse but...
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    How many interesting collectible watches are in the hands of collectors

    Depends very much on the watch and how distinctive it’s original casing was. For a Hamilton 947, most buyers I know of would prefer the cosmetically choice recase over a ratty original. Contrast this with a Charles Fasoldt, where original casing is very important to buyers and an original...
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    Smith D. French Watch Co.?

    As Greg mentioned two sold at Bonhams in 2014 (for $10000 and $12500) and can be viewed at this link ... Another example surfaced about 15 years ago on eBay. These are...

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