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    How about a Calendar of Banjo Clocks (All types weight, Spring etc.
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    The Clock Of Life

    I am not going to give up the fight. One of the things that keeps me going is I want to see my twin Grand Daughters graduate from High School next year. One of the girls will (Rachel) be inducted into the National Honor Society this month. The other twin is not to far behind. What more can a...
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    Gruen Pocket Watch

    I recently discovered a publication that can help date Gruen Pocket watches. Gruen Watches A Special Collection AWI-ELM Charitable Trust Orville R. Hagans Museum. This publication can be obtained from the AWCI Book Store.
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    Granite State Timekeepers Chapter 189 NAWCC

    Meeting 18 Jan 2014 First Free Will Baptist Church North Sutton NH 11:00 Meeting Opens Coffee & Muffins 12:00 Buffet Lunch Work Shop- Novelty Clocks by John Fitzwilliam Silent Auction Show & Telll
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    The Clock Of Life

    For those members of the NAWCC who have Cancer- What Cancer Cannot Do. Cancer I so limited It cannot cripple Love It cannot shatter Hope It cannot corrode Faith It cannot destroy Peace It cannot kill Friendship It...
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    "Thomas Moore London" ex Ipswhich with Silver Balance Cock etc.

    Omexa I have a copy of this book given to me by my friend Leonard Miller when I lived in Ipswich England. If you send me your name and address I will send you a copy of the Chapter in this book pertaining to the Moore Family. Frank email address PS For those who are...
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    "Thomas Moore London" ex Ipswhich with Silver Balance Cock etc.

    Suffolk Clocks & Clockmakers by Haggar and Miller Haggar & Millers book is the most comprehensive book on The Clock making Moores of Ipswich Engling. This book is very expensive and is rarely available, however you can probably borrow this book from the NAWCC library or The AWCI Library...
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    J D B Saxmundham....who was this ?

    See Suffolk Clocks & Clockmakers by Haggar & Miller Page 50 & 51 Bright Jerome Saxmundham B. 1769 D, 1846 Bright Jerome Denny Saxmundham B 1792 D 1871 (Son of the preceding)
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    HAPPY 98th

    HAPPY Birthday Dan- Will be thinking of you on this special day. Hope you and the family will have a wonderful birthday party, wish I could be there. Frank M.
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    Gruen Pocket Watch

    Can anyone date the following watch Gruen Model Verithin 17 Jewels adjusted 14K S/N 643648 Case No 1127001 Cincinatti
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    Charles Frodsham & Family Watch Serial Numbers

    My serial number list shows that this watch movement s/n 04065 is Circa 1869-70.
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    The impossible happened!

    Dan you are not stupid, we all on occasion forget to put on our braces. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in pain and realize I did not take my pain medication before going to bed. Hope you and the pussy cats are well. I am still hanging in there, I will soon be taking a new...
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    Charles Frodsham & Family Watch Serial Numbers

    Marty I agree with your comprehensive evaluation of the hall marks/ case etc. It is nice to have a pocket watch where the case, hall marks , case maker and the manufacture of the movement are about the same date. As you are aware many watch movements are not all ways in their original cases...
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    The Clock Of Life

    Today my oncologist has prescribed a chemo pill to attack the cancer. I will also be taking some other test to see where the cancer is. I may have to have some radiation treatment. I am doing all I can to stay on this side of the grass, and hope to live as long as my friend Dan Weiss. I just...
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    Charles Frodsham & Family Watch Serial Numbers

    Serial Number 6949 C1850 S/N 6969 C1850 S/N 7014 C 1850 S/N 7100 C1850 These S/Ns are from my list of Arnold/Frodsham watch movements. S/N 6938 fits in very nicely for the year C1850.

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