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    Accutron 214 Cleaning of index wheel

    Thank you
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    Accutron 214 Cleaning of index wheel

    Hello all, i am curious on how to clean the index wheel on an Accutron 214. I am using a Bulova ultrasonic machine. I am thinking if I insert the wheel into a small contained wire basket the wheel will self destruct due to it hitting the sides of the basket. Thank you. Bill
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    Need suggestions for slowing this clock down

    Have you checked that the hairspringis not bouncing between the regulator pins?
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    Experimenting with NANO lube/oil

    Hello All There have been many discussions on clock oils. Which is better and for which part of the clock it is applied. Any clock oil is no good if it evaporates and does not stay where you put it. Experment, place a drop of all your clock oils individually on a flat piece of sheel metal...
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    Seth Thomas Helmsman Running Super-Fast

    is the clock in beat, is the hairspring between the regulator pins, are any of the hair spring coils touching another???????????
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    Crocus Cloth....6000 grit???

    When I was in the Navy we used a cloth made by 3M the grits ranged from 100,000 to 400,000. These were used to remove scratches in aircraft canopies
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    CAN ANYONE Identify This ?? Please

    looks like an antique shoelace puller
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    Chelsea (??) platform parts

    Chris timesavers has stocked there in the past. google them
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    Chelsea (??) platform parts

    Chris A russian sub clock platform should work in that clock. Also it is not a chelsea Bill
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    slipping gathering pallet

    Dave Use a flat punch that is larger than the hole and hit it with a hammer. This should close it up enough. The hole closing punches are beasts they should maybe only be used to make an oil sink hole. A staking tool set has the correct punches to close holes and many other uses. A very good...
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    Platform escapements

    I use a light watch oil on all pivots and a minute amount on the escape wheel teeth and roller bill@fixoclox
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    M Low clockmaker

    The M Low I am trying to research made clocks for the US Government. They were basicly the same as Chelsea military clocks. The difference was that M low had shock mounted balance jewels. I have been told that these clocks were made in a loft in lower Mahnattan. The funny thing is when you...
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    M Low clockmaker

    Hello Does anyone know the history of the M Low clock company. Thanks Bill
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    Mainspring for M Low ships clock

    Ken The mainspring can be found at Timesavers. You must take the old one out. You will need 3 measurements. the length, width and thickness. The length is really not as critical as the thickness or the width is. you can go a couple of inches shorter if need be. When you get the demensions e...
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    Staking set how are they organized?

    I have found Most staking sets were custom ordered. some numbers were not included. I organized my set according to their function. starting at the top and larger sizes going from top to bottom. round punches, flat punches with holes,concave punches, concave punches with holes, flat punches, and...

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