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    Dial replacement

    I need to replace the dial on a Kienzle German box clock, what measurement are needed to order a replacement? Diameter and how do I measure the time track?
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    Kienzie Movement

    Yes it rotates clockwise.
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    German and French Clock

    I really like the Lenzkirch, very nice.
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    My clocks so far.

    Very nice collection.
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    Kienzie Movement

    I believe that it rotates clockwise, but I don't have it setting in front of me at the moment to confirm that. Finding the sweet spot for the pallet in relation to the escape was a little bit challenging, but after I got that set it was relatively simple.
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    Kienzie Movement

    Thanks, I have got it running again. I really appreciate the insight that you all provided.
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    Kienzie Movement

    Thanks, I will keep that in mind.
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    Kienzie Movement

    Thanks I was able to get it running minus the pendulum by follow your advice. But I am not clear on how to put it in beat, is that also done adjusting the by verge support?
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    Kienzie Movement

    No it was starting to split out, so since I was there it made since to repair it. It is probably something simple that I am overlooking.
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    Kienzie Movement

    Several holes already had bushings in them, and the spring that I repaired I probably only remove 3/4 of a inch. The hole was splitting out so I drilled a new directly behind the existing and then cut.
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    Kienzie Movement

    Needing some advice to make sure I am heading in the right direction. I am currently trying to bring a early 1900 era German wall clock back to life it has a Kienzie movement with a Muschel Gong. I did a complete disassemble and clean of the movement and repaired a end on one of the mainsprings...

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