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    Help Identifying

    Alfred Lugrin, as well as Edouard Breitling, was a supplier of ebauches. Regards enrico
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    Help Identifying

    Repeater patented by Hahlweg Carl in Paradeplatz 3 Stettin Germany. Some repeater use the Regulating device for repetitive striking mechanisms patented by Barbezat ( Le Phare) other Hahlweg patents hope this help regards enrico
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    Need help decipher this Patek certificate

    9) Fonf Lisse Monogrammed=Monogrammed smooth back Regards enrico
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    Swiss chronograph

    Waltham chronographs and repeaters were built by Prosper Nordmann on patents of Henry Alfred Lugrin. in 1890 Nordmann moved to Geneve and continued production with 50 employees in saint Jean Geneve. Timing & Repeating Watch Co. in the US was represented by Adolph Schwob nephew of Theodore Schwob...
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    Zenith movement 1927 year

    Found a answer: "" In the early 1950s, the centrally run JDŽ was one of the last Yugoslav institutions that had not been reformed in accordance with the guidelines of workers' self-government. A reform led to the decentralization of the railway administration, which from 1953 was called...
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    Zenith movement 1927 year

    In fact, I also have Zenith with the JDŽ logo from 1947. But it seems that since 1941 the JDŽ has been spun off into two railway companies, Croatian State Railways (HDŽ) and Serbian State Railways (SDŽ). regards enrico
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    Zenith movement 1927 year

    In fact, how could the pin be pressed with a fingernail or sharp object and at the same time rotate the crown? All accidentally? regards enrico
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    Zenith movement 1927 year

    The movement provided to Serbian Railways was 20 ½ NVI until the mid 1930s. Then the movement 18.28 3 P is provided where P is the Poussette model (Button) chosen for safety, to adjust the time you had to press the button with your fingernail and turn the crown, impossible to accidentally...
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    Breguet 1/4 Repeater

    Thanks for the explanation, in fact I had overlooked that the case is in gold and not silver. Regards enrico
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    Breguet 1/4 Repeater

    The number 3 inside the octagon corresponds to the department of central France, Alliers the city of Moulins. regards enrico
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    What can be told about my pocket watch?

    Actually even the word "London" seems exotic to me! And unusual shape of the pair case spring. Regards enrico
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    How Balance cocks were carved in early verge watches

    If you know French there is this PDF on the various types of coq. regards enrico
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    Hello gentleman, I need help.

    In Geneva iwas Piguet & Cie who built repeaters with four hammers in 1835. And also in Geneva an E.Piguet was a casemaker. Regards enrico
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    scale trace Pocket watch Helvetia 32A

    When there were no timegraphers, watchmakers used this scale to know if the watch was fine. regards enrico
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    The copy write on that book has never expired. The rights are of a Swiss publisher, therefore copies or photocopies cannot be distributed. regards enrico

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