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    European Private Label Watches for the American Market

    While this was not strictly for the American market, it was manufactured for the North American (Canadian) market. It's an Omega Cal. 19 Ligne 21 Jewel, Pendant set movement made for the British American Watch Co. The dial is labelled J.E. Nettleton, Jeweller and Optician, Penetang, Ont. The...
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    Question on a Hamilton Grade 974 Private Label

    Hello all! I recently acquired a Hamilton Grade 974, serial number 314203 manufactured in 1904 that has private label markings of The Tiffany Watch on both the movement and the dial. I'm assuming this is not Tiffany & Co. but another company, possibly a jeweler. I did find an older post on the...
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    Need help identifying this Swiss movement

    Thank you for the education! I will do a little more research to see if I can dig up anything additional. It is apparently another mystery of watch manufacture how the A. LeCoultre name comes to be on the bridge. Looking at the advertisement, it appears to match the Cal 17" C 1/2 vue on the left...
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    Need help identifying this Swiss movement

    Hello everyone. I haven't had much luck in trying to identify this Swiss movement so far. Everything I've searched so far doesn't turn up anything definitive, just a bit of vague references to the Selva Watch company but nothing solid as it appears to have been established in the 1960's and the...
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    What is this: Omega/Brandt CCR or DR chronometer?

    Hi Kent, I came upon your post researching Omega export movements. I recently acquired an Omega 16 Size for the Canadian market. Serial Number is 2587664- 21J - OF - Pendant Set. It's marked with British American Watch Co. and Superior Adjusted. It's a private label as the dial is marked J.E...
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    Omega Private Label - Canadian Market?

    I recently acquired a private label pocket watch that I believe is an Omega 21j 16s movement (serial number 2587664) for the British American Watch Company. The dial has a private label of J. E. Nettleton, Jeweller & Optician, Penetang, Ont. The case W.C.CO. (serial number 5113635) and is gold...
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    Identifying a watch - Ulysse Nardin

    Thank you very much for the information. I will follow up with the MIH and post their reply.
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    Identifying a watch - Ulysse Nardin

    Hello all. I'm looking for help in identifying a pocket watch and any help you could provide would be of great help. I have attached pictures for your review. The dial is marked U. NARDIN LOCLE & GENEVE and the case is hallmarked with a U.NARDIN shield with the case serial number 321831. The...
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    Help identifying an English chronograph

    Many thanks for the information. I will eventually have it cleaned and serviced. Is there a watchmaker in the States that you recommend/know or is my best bet going to be a UK watchmaker to have this done?
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    Help identifying an English chronograph

    Hi All, I'm looking for a little help in identifying a watch I recently was able to acquire. It's and English Centre Seconds Chronograph pocket watch and is is silver cased and hallmarked for Chester 1895 -6. The movement is signed H Stone of Leeds and the serial number is 122112. I have...

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