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    Help Hermle 340-020 (84) regulator adjustement.

    Thanks a lot , I will look at and feed you back ! I found later this post on this subject, very good photo: adjusting time on old style hermle 340-020 Before beeig overalled by this professionnal this clock was accurate to better than one minute a week. It was pushed to maintenance on a...
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    Help Hermle 340-020 (84) regulator adjustement.

    It was overall 1 year ago by a professional local watchmaker for many $. He said to my wife that many bushings have been changed. Some weeks ago my wife go back to him with the clock complaining for 5 min a week lead. He keep the clock a week and ask that everything was all right and that the...
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    Help Hermle 340-020 (84) regulator adjustement.

    I look a lot but can not understand how and where I can adjust this Hermle 340-020-84 regulator. It lead appx 5 minutes a week. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot Serge
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