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  1. Don Procko

    Old Oyster "Lipton" needs case tube

    I have a small, guessing circa 40s Rolex Lipton. The case tube is worn. What should I be looking for to get the correct replacement? Many Thanks...
  2. Don Procko

    Supplier for Movado Ermetophon Crystal

    Have been coming up empty on locating a crystal for one. A reg 25mm square has too much dome for the case to clear when closing. Any leads very much appreciated....
  3. Don Procko

    Timegrapher 1000 pickup - info please

    I would like to make a more versatile pickup for my T-1000. I tried using the(guitar?) pickup off my old clock beat amplifier, which I believe is a xtal pickup, without success. I hoping someone has accomplished this and will share their insight with me. I would like to have something like the...
  4. Don Procko

    Auburndale Timer #12? Prototype?

    Attached are photos showing what I believe is serial #12 (or a prototype) and with several design changes to later models (also shown for comparison) #12 's case is marked "Bay State Watch Case Co, Boston" where as later models werent marked. #12 also has a hinge for a dust cover that later...
  5. Don Procko

    Theodore B. Starr - who made the movement?

    Attached are pictures of a private label watch of high quality. It is approximately 16 size, and is lever set. The 18K case is impressive as it comes to a point in the side view, not flat like an american case. Im hoping someone can identify the movement's maker. It has a multi piece pallet...
  6. Don Procko

    Auburndale Timer - Dial removal

    Thank you Dave. I removed it successfully. Absolutely the tightest I've ever encountered in fifty years!
  7. Don Procko

    Auburndale Timer - Dial removal

    I am overhauling an Auburndale timer, serial # 3123. Hoping to hear from someone who has actually done one of these. If the dial does in fact have feet there are no screws holding them and nothing showing that would be drilled and with taper pins. It does not appear to be "snap on" as gentile...
  8. Don Procko

    Oyster Lipton - Source/specs for replacement case tube?

    I need to replace the case tube on an old ((circa 40's(?)) Lipton. How is this tube described to a supplier- by part #, by model, dimensionally? Any advice on a source would also be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Don Procko

    Source for G. P. Cal 152 two piece stem?

    Yes, thank you, I believe you are correct. Still coming up empty regarding locating a stem.
  10. Don Procko

    Source for G. P. Cal 152 two piece stem?

    ps (the inner (movement) side is the male end on this mvt)
  11. Don Procko

    Source for G. P. Cal 152 two piece stem?

    attached is a photo of the mvt It is circa 1974 based on the inscription on the piece
  12. Don Procko

    Source for G. P. Cal 152 two piece stem?

    Hoping someone can suggest a material supplier for a G.P. Cal.152 winding stem (2 piece- need the inner half). My internet searches have come up empty. Many Thanks.......
  13. Don Procko

    Invicta Pentagon

    Attached are photos of what I thought would be a Gruen Pentagon, purchased in an online auction. I was quite surprised to learn it is an Invicta, signed both on the case and movement. The case is signed “Invicta Mfg. Co. Switzerland, 14K, and the Swiss hallmark for 14K. The dial, which now says...
  14. Don Procko

    TIMEGRAPHER p/u plug - what type/style is it?

    Thats it -all set - thank you!
  15. Don Procko

    TIMEGRAPHER p/u plug - what type/style is it?

    I am retiring an old Watchmaster timer and wish to adapt its crystal type pickup for bench use with my Timegrapher. Ive ordered XLR (too big) and XLR Mini (too small). Hoping to learn what type it actually is. Thanks so very much!

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