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  1. Original Pendulums

    Original Pendulums

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  2. Selfmade Pendulums

    Selfmade Pendulums

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  3. Paper


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  4. KUNDO restauration

    KUNDO restauration

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  5. Diverse


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  6. DieteR

    Introducing my KIENZLE, with a temperature compensated pendulum.

    John, thank you Is there a way to take a look at your database? You may be missing some serial numbers from my collection. I would like to check that. DieteR
  7. DieteR

    Introducing my KIENZLE, with a temperature compensated pendulum.

    Hello A few weeks ago I aquired a KIENZLE clock with a temperature compensating pendulum. As can be seen in the photos, the pendulum was unfortunately no longer complete. In the last photo, the pendulum is optically like the original. My statement focuses on "optically". Since the effect of...
  8. DieteR

    A new clock in my collection

    Hello Thank you for the interest and the comments. John in Your comment, You say You haven't seen any Würth clocks with such a design. However, I have photos of such clocks with the board 1049A and the Würth pendulum. In THE REPAIR GUIDE, I changed the manufacturer of Plate 1049A from JUF to...
  9. DieteR

    A new clock in my collection

    Hello Here are some photos of a new member in my collection. It seems that this clock, and others looking like, are been sold by various manufacturers. Notice the movement made by Hauck with the low serial number. Some times ago I bought another clock for a friend of mine with a movement...
  10. DieteR

    KERN + SOHN in brasscasted housing

    You are right. It is definitly no BRASS! It is no iron, because it is not magnetic. After testing the top cover on it's underside, the material is silvery and softI It's probably tin, or, at best zinc die casting. DieteR
  11. DieteR

    KERN + SOHN in brasscasted housing

    The clock runs fine! I want to test, if it is electrogalvanised gold-plated MartinM Why You don't believe they are actual brass parts? What do You think, the parts are made from? DieteR
  12. DieteR

    KERN + SOHN in brasscasted housing

    Hello At this point I present a few photos from my new KERN (K. u S. M IV Plate 1406G). The special feature of this clock is the triangular (hexagonal) case. I suspect that the brass castings are electrogalvanised gold-plated. Who can tell me the easiest way to test? DieteR
  13. DieteR

    J. LINK a new clock in my collection.

    Hello Today I would like to introduce my recently acquired clock from J. Link (plate No. 1315). The clock is not necessarily my taste! But I am a collector. The photos speak for themselves. Important for me is the pendulum. It seems to be quite rare. (Four Ladies) I only had one photo with...
  14. DieteR

    Harder Disc Pendulum Copy

    Hi pahel a left hand thread cutter m2,5 costs less then 7€ searching with "HSS-Schneideisen M2,5 Linksgewinde (16x5mm)" DieteR
  15. DieteR

    VV Torsion clock escapment cylinder

    Hello Now that I also have a clock with the ominous letters on the board, I would like to participate in the discussion with a contribution. First, the photo below shows that the letters waren't necessary punched with the same tools. The size, determined by me only by photos, seems...

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