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    Looking for a clock, a clock label photo, or any additional information on a clock by Lot Goodspeed, Middleton, Conn.

    Thank you, Jim for posting that I am indeed looking for a Lot Goodspeed clock. Middletown (Ct.) was so close to where I was born/raised played as a child and drove through a few times a day. Thank you, EW for your great detective work. I have looked at your references, greatly appreciated. I do...
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    Seth Thomas Transitional Clock Movement?

    I concur with James. IMO the movement in the box is a 1.124 by T.M. Roberts with the ring on the count wheel bridge. I also believe Seth only used Seth movements.
  3. Diane Burghardt

    Alfred Lowrey wood works ogee clock

    Thank you, Robert. Your tablet is much prettier. I do agree with you about my tablet. It does look hand painted, on very old glass that does not appear to have been removed to do so. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Diane Burghardt

    Alfred Lowrey wood works ogee clock

    I do hope you show us that clock. I would really like to see it and the label. We all learn by our mistakes, as long as we make them reversible that is okay. I would love to help you clean out that "closet" !!
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    Alfred Lowrey wood works ogee clock

    Another clock story I think interesting. A widow had been cleaning out her garage and found this clock belonging to her late husband. She brought it to an old clock repairman friend of mine who had no interest in wood works clocks. He then called me with an unusual request "come over right now...
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    Don Bruno Out of Business??

    I am an "old" friend of both George (RIP) and his son Don. I have been in contact with Don recently and he is well, healthy and doing fine. Don retired in June 2020. He did have some gears and parts left, but not much. Therefore, I am very pleased that Jon Lester has provided his contact...
  7. Diane Burghardt

    Jerome and Darrow "thin movement" questions ?

    Thank you all for such an educational and informational thread. Jim, yes I am a member of cog counters. I did a facebook post on November 17, 2020, showing my Riley Whiting tall case clock. I think your ideas about the various clockmakers buying parts from other vendors is correct and sensible...
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    Jerome and Darrow "thin movement" questions ?

    Thank you all for the prompt response to my inquiry. With the mentality here, "one is good, two are better or at least twice as good". I have two Jerome and Darrow "thin movement" clocks, that I am finally getting around to working on. Both arrived without weights. I have re-bushed both...
  9. Diane Burghardt

    Jerome and Darrow "thin movement" questions ?

    I enjoy running my wood works clocks. I have just completed (hopefully) the repairs to a Jerome & Darrow "thin movement". It had been "repaired" by some well meaning soul in the past, and that venture made it impossible to run. So, with the rework behind me I would like to know if anyone has/is...
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    Boardman & Wells timing

    Welcome Wenjay to the NAWCC forum. Sooth provided an excellent reply as always. I would like to offer two other references that I found to be very helpful. One explanation was written by R. Croswell in a Dec.5, 2015 post reply #39 in response to Bruce Linde question on Nov.22, 2015. The post...
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    Getting To Know You

    My name is Diane Burghardt. I am a recent transplant to North Carolina from Connecticut. I graduated from the University of New Haven with a forensic career in mind. Soon after, my father requested I help him in his automotive repair business for a short time. Thirty years later I was still...
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    Wood Works Converted to Brass

    Good morning all. Well Steamer you have a very nice case. The stenciling is beautiful on the entire case. I will only speculate on the rest of the clock. Without a label this is only my opinions. I do not think the tablet is original to the clock, but I think there are others out there that...
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    Groaner mvmt.: am I missing something?

    So sorry Jim for stepping on your toes. We must have been operating on the same wave length at the same time. Well, at least we are both in agreement !!!
  14. Diane Burghardt

    Groaner mvmt.: am I missing something?

    Dear Burkhard and other interested members. Attached to the inside of the front plate there should have a wire that fits into a groove on the minute shaft. You should be able to see it and feel it looking from the bottom of the movement. I have included photos of the inside of the front plate...
  15. Diane Burghardt

    My First Terry Clock

    Duane and others. Thanks for the great photos. I admit to some contributions to the wall of shame, but this one really made me LOL. Saving grace for the movement it couldn't run nor strike !!! You do have some work to do. As I expected, previously mentioned wheels are upside down. Also the two...

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