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    Selecting correct collet size for the stock to turn?

    Jason, I'm not sure I know what you mean to do with the 5C collets, but you may want to look into how large these collets actually are. A standard 5C collet is larger than the head stock on your watchmakers lathe. About 1.5" diameter and 3.5" long. They are big.
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    Pivot polisher for watch pivots

    Doug, I take it you work on some pretty large watches, yes? :)
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    Lathe spindle lost its key...HELP!

    That pin the the spindles of watchmakers lathes serves two purposes. It is a drive key, and it also prevents a collet from spinning in the spindle bore. If you have a job that requires a very light clamping pressure, such as a delicate part, that pin assures that the collet can be drawn in...
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    micro lux micro mill??anybody use or own

    Micro Mark buys the same low end lathes and mills as you will find from Grizzly and Harbor Freight, et al. They are made by a Chinese factory, usually called Seig, and they slap any name on their machines that the importer wishes to pay for. Micro Mark is mainly an importer tool and hobby supply.
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    The Shrewd of Truing...

    I have a couple of kinds, but like the two sided ones (like an hour glass shape). Those kind usually come with a blade style lever to help "eye ball" things as you turn the balance or wheel. Try to make sure the one you get has clean pivot holes. I've seen a couple that have broken bits in...
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    He even signed his work.

    Nothing impossible to it. Like many other plating procedures, the steel plates are prepared, often plated in an agent to support a good finish, such as nickel, and then plated in the final metals. For brass, a copper/zinc electrolyte in something rather nasty, such as an ammonia or cyanide...
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    Broken Square

    Looks like a very sound repair, and nicely done, too.
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    Vintage mainspring: what would you do?

    Just as a point of informational interest, those abrasive pads do not leave little hairs of steel behind like steel wool does, but they certainly do leave a good amount of aluminum oxide and other abrasive grits behind. As you say, what ever you use, the residue must be cleaned off well...
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    problems cutting music wire and pivot wire..

    Dave, I'm not sure why you are hardening and tempering music wire. It is already properly hardened and tempered when you buy it. Music wire is spring steel, and treated to be as hard as it needs to be for that purpose. Any reason you are not using pivot wire? What are you doing when you...
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    drawbar not staying tight

    Does it happen with all of your collets, or just one size? If it happens with all of them, the drawbar threads are worn down. If it happens with only one collet, that collet is probably faulty.
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    oiling a Franz Hermel wall clock

    There's two kinds of whackers here; Those who admit they do, and those who say they don't. They all do it. If there is no hole in the cap, there simply is no other way. Doesn't hurt anything. It's not like we're using a sledge hammer...
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    What am I doing wrong?

    The way that Steve explains above is how we check tailstock alignment in machine shops. It's a very good method, and it also tells you how much to adjust the tailstock set over at the same time. (1/2 the difference between tail end and head end measurements.) If the tail end is larger, move...
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    Hermle floating Balance (old style)

    When it is in the clock, it should do a good 360 on a healthy movement. Did you disassemble and clean and re-bush it yourself, or the fellow who worked on it before you? That fork has dirt and little hairs all over it, which is not a sign of it having been cleaned. That would lead to the...
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    Now what

    Probably, Bill! "Hello friends, this is John Cameron Swayze, and we're strapping this Timex watch to the Saturn V rocket......" Remember that stuff? ;)
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    Now what

    Yes, and now the cat won't quit licking my watch. Good thing it's a Timex. Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

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