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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Here's a recent one of mine...A Hamilton Ball 999B in the first run/year of production with the 2B prefix...only 700 made and I'll bet not many look this good!
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    Other Sangamo Special model 9

    looking for 19J, 21J and 23J in excellent condition
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    Other Early 16S Bunn Specials 21 and 23J

    Looking for bright-spotted and fishscale movements, either as movements or complete watches...extra clean needed
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    1 of 100 Illinois Possibly my best pick ever! Bunn Special Bright Spot!

    I have one that is outside the original estimate of the run of 100...it is marked "double roller" and is #2577034
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    First Run 950B

    Thanks for all the info! I guess all I'll be able to say is it was a first year 950B production. The watch is all original, bought from Fred Hansen, with a gold train in a Model A case. Not sure what you meant by a POLISHED gold train though..
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    First Run 950B

    I just found out what I needed to know from Gelson's list...they were essentially produced in numerical order and mine was from the first run of 1100...
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    First Run 950B

    Thanks...that helps but am also hoping to learn in what order it was produced...I don't believe we can assume that it was number 388....
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    First Run 950B

    I can't seem to find out the serial numbers of the first run of the 950B...My watch is #S388... can someone tell me if that was produced in the first run or where I might access that info?
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    Sangamo Special Crosshatch?

    Also have a SS model 9 21J but am still looking for that elusive 19J...anybody ready to sell me one?
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    Sangamo Special Crosshatch?

    I see on another online watch/clock forum database that 2575803 is also the earliest 23j listed...I just bought one with serial # 2575936 which has the diamond endstone...
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    Hamilton 950

    When was its first year of production and the serial number of the first one produced?
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    Hamilton dial question

    Greetings! This is my first post in a few years and it's good to see many of the same knowledgeable and helpful folks are still here...my question is (if I attached the picture correctly) what movement was this dial used with?
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    Hamilton 950 Elinvar Hands

    Thanks all...I guess I have a freak dial and these are SO hard to find to buy...anyone having a mint one for sale let me know...thanks! Dennis
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    Hamilton 950 Elinvar Hands

    I want to draw your attention to the third message in this thread, the one that shows pics of the 950Es in the mainliner cases...it looks to me like the dial is slightly tilted, if you will, to the left...that the "12" and the dark square above it are not lined up straight with the middle of the...
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    unable to access threads

    Thanks Tom...you and all of you that donate your time to maintain this board do a great job!!

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