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    Sessions electric motor rebuild?

    Any old electric appliance can be dangerous if you put it into service without inspecting it for safety. (Just like buying a used car with worn tires, bad brakes and fuel leaks). However with some common sense, they are perfectly safe to run and here's what I would do...
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    Sessions electric motor rebuild?

    I spent a few minutes with it. I was able to dig out enough old insulation to get past the brass ferrules into the cavity of the case. I used two layers of heat shrink tubing and sealed it up with epoxy. It runs good but could use the shaft and inner bearings cleaned and re-lubricated.
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    Sessions electric motor rebuild?

    Please don't convert the clock to Quartz!! That's horology malpractice!! I have this motor that might work. There's no wobble in the shaft and the coil tests good. However where the two leads come out of the case, the insulation is badly deteriorated and close to making contact with the case...
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    Anyone know where I can get a chain for a Jefferson Golden Suspense Clock?

    There is no source that I know of other then trying to find a parts clock as a donor. You can find bulk key/toilet chain in hardware stores but it will not work correctly . The bead pitch will be slightly different and that will cause inaccurate timekeeping. The last known source was a guy in...
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    Clock repair rates.

    I would also recommend setting up your business as an LLC. (limited liability company). You can do this as a sole proprietor. The big advantage is that it insulates you personally from the liabilities your company may face. It's cheap and easy to set up. Do a google search to read more about...
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    Clock repair rates.

    ^^ You might want to get added to the NAWCC Business Directory. I refer clients there when they're searching for local service. You could also inform your local NAWCC Chapter that you're open for business. If your willing to do mail in work, there's always Ebay and Etsy. You could also set up...
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    Clock repair rates.

    Here on my planet, Telechron produced 10's (maybe 100's) of millions of clocks during their 80 year run. Add to that, the electrics from Seth Thomas, Jefferson, Hammond, etc, etc, etc. There's a huge base of these in need of service. (driven by "deep pocket" sentimental attachment and that many...
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    Clock repair rates.

    Really? The guys I know seem to have more business then they can handle. Long wait times, reservation systems so they don't get buried, frequently turning down new work, etc. I think the key is marketing your services on the internet and doing mail in vs. walk in when feasible. (less...
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    General Electric Model 402 - Info Needed

    It looks like Roy posted the full Revere service manual here:
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    Electric Neon Clock restoration guidance.

    I'm not too surprised. Your ohm readings didn't sound correct. 4.2 ohms on the input is close to being a short and 1.7 M ohms on the output could be an open with some residual leakage. Keep looking for a local Neon shop. They can test the tube with a special inductive wand. (ie no direct...
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    Electric Neon Clock restoration guidance.

    Neon is really simple. Switched 120 VAC goes to the transformer input and the high voltage output goes to each end of the tube. I'd probably ohm it out before powering it on. Since the output voltage is probably in the range of 10,000 V the secondary resistance of the transformer will be very...
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    International Time Recorder restore thoughts appreciated

    If you decide to use a Telechron motor to run the clock 24/7, then my advice is to disable any part of the movement that isn't time only. Turning the time stamp wheels and any other non time keeping function can be hard on rotors.
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    Hammond vs Telechron Coils

    Most synchronous clock coils are pretty similar electrically. If the Telechron coil will fit on the Hammond frame then give it a try.
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    Antique Electric Clock Safety

    If "safety" is defined by modern UL/CSA/NEC regulations/codes, then no antique clock or vintage electric appliance is "safe" to run. Put the clock on display and go to Wal Mart and buy a Chinese quartz clock that runs on a 1.5 V battery if you want to maximize safety. However you can make...
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    Standard Electric Recommendation for Electronic Master Controller for Single Slave?

    I've been using Ken's controller on an old International Register slave clock and it's performed flawlessly. You could "roll your own" with Arduino or whatever but if you want plug and play, then Ken's is a good choice. I see no reason to order one from Finland unless you live in Europe.

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