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    Hamilton 940 question

    Thank you. I knew it had issues. I didn’t pay much for it and my Amish watchmaker friend will get it running fine. I do have a beautiful dial that i may put on it
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    Hamilton 940 question

    Just picked up this 940 but what is ‘the banner’ I am not familiar with that marking. Thank you my friends
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    Just bought this Waltham 1886 hunter case

    I need to service it and polish it up. I love these old key wind PSB watches
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    Help with independent watch co Fredonia

    I know the Howard brothers bought movement’s from other companies, could you please tell me if this is a Hampden or who else would have made it. Thank you my brothers Dan
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    Waltham civil war or swiss fake

    1877 great watch thank you
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    Waltham civil war or swiss fake

    Nice watch however but suspect its a Swiss fake what do you think my friends
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    Interesting Hamilton 936 case

    thank you so much Robert!!
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    Interesting Hamilton 936 case

    Interesting this 936 I picked up just got back from my watch guy. It is in an interesting b&b telegraph case. I suspect it was used that way but not sure
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    Interesting longines 18 size lever set

    I just picked this up it is an 18 size lever set private label longines for the American market . This is the first one I have seen. Are they common??
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    A Decent 1863 Waltham

    Exactly it is only valuable if someone wants them that bad. Ahh I will pass
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    A Decent 1863 Waltham

    Good grief when did these civil war Waltham’s get so expensive ? I never paid more than a couple hundred but on line people asking over 1000. Nuts .. are there more collectors?
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    American Waltham - 1895 (Novice Questions)

    Sorry but that is a terrible price by anyones standards Ask some good people here who they use instead

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