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  1. Daniel W.

    Waltham ??

    I have ask the moderators to move this to the American Pocket watch forum so you can get more better info.
  2. Daniel W.

    Waltham ??

    I know it's asking a lot but will you get us a picture of the movement?
  3. Daniel W.

    American PW What Could Cause This?

    My oil was too thick. After I cleaned the balance and re-oiled it works fine now.
  4. Daniel W.


    Guys I don't know if it's me or I'm just unlucky but I can't remember when I took a watch apart and didn't end up on my knees for some reason or the other. Medicine has got me to shaking pretty bad at times but I did find a way to help locate the dropped BRASS parts that was mentioned earlier. I...
  5. Daniel W.

    Rockford Watch Identifaction

    Your watch is a Nickel Damaskeened full plate hunter style Model 8 Grade 83 with 15 jewels. There were 21,100 of these made and your watch was made in app. 1893. It's a medium grade watch I would guess since it is not marked "adjusted".
  6. Daniel W.

    Best (Affordable ) Key Wind American Pocket Watch by Waltham. Is there a 17j ?

    I just took out one of my Key winds to service. It's an AT&Co. 15 jewel KW built in 1889 according to Roy E.'s encyclopedia serial number table.
  7. Daniel W.

    Can't Post in Discussion section for the CPR Waltahm Records

    Thanks Tom. Everything seems to be working now.
  8. Daniel W.

    Can't Post in Discussion section for the CPR Waltahm Records

    I found a couple more Waltham '83 CPR watches to add to the list of known serial numbers. I went to put them into the discussion section so the table could be updated and there is no reply button at the bottom of the last post. Therefore I have no way to let Kent or, whoever does the editing...
  9. Daniel W.

    American PW Waltham Model '92 Train

    Worked on the shoulder of the second hand pinion on the 4th wheel with a stone. It needed a little more chamfer on it. Works like a charm. Thanks to everyone with all the help.
  10. Daniel W.

    American PW Waltham Model '92 Train

    Thanks Tom. I tried that and thought everything was going good but when I put the plates together it tightens up. I think my 4th wheel is binding ever so slightly on the shoulder that the minute hand pinion is on. Will let you know.
  11. Daniel W.

    American PW Waltham Model '92 Train

    Hey guys I have a '92 23 jewel Vanguard that I'm having to replace the 4th wheel. I have one that measures out real nice. How is the best way to check this train before I assemble the entire movement?
  12. Daniel W.

    Obselete Watch Parts Wanted

    Hampden 18 Size Model 3 Grade 64 staff I need some HELP. I have a Model 3 grade 64 Hampden. I need a staff or if somebody will give me the part number so I can search for one on the bay.
  13. Daniel W.

    Grandpa's Pocket Watch

    You can be a great help finding it by keeping an eye out on eBay for another watch movement. It doesn't have to be running just so it has the correct parts.
  14. Daniel W.

    American PW New to me 1916 Elgin

    I don't see anything wrong with your profession that would not allow you to carry this watch. You have protective clothing fighting fires and you will not hurt it doing your mechanic work if kept in your watch pocket on you trousers.
  15. Daniel W.

    Movement casing adapter (or, Putting a 16s mvmnt into an 18s case)

    You need to remember that the winding stem will also need to be special made cause the extra thickness of the adapter will make it too short to wind your watch. Good luck and please post some pictures if you do make the adapter and stem.

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