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    Post your WEIGHT driven Vienna here

    Received 11/30/09....I really like this clock, don't know what to say about it, other than it is a beautiful example of a Gustav Becker...I think it's dated to mid 1880's? Not sure.
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    Beautiful 2 weight Gustav Becker

    Here is a close up of the serial number and symbols...thanks for your help
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    Beautiful 2 weight Gustav Becker

    I worked on a GB regulator for some neighbors, it needed new gut and hadn't worked for some time. It was also missing the crown, but was a very dark case with a rich deep gong to it. After I returned the clock to it's owner, I told my wife I just had to have one of those. She said "no problem...
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    replacing suspension spring on Urgos

    Replacing suspension spring on Urgos movement in GF clock...this suspension spring is the plastic type with a hook, very fragile, as I have already broken 2 trying to install...should I first hang the leader on the spring and then try to place spring in the post and secure with pin, or place...
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    leader size?

    I am going to clean this movement and reinstall in the case shown. However, there is no leader or pendulum. What do I measure to determine the proper length of both? The only imprint on the plates is 111. Is that a number that would help determine the length of the leader? As you can see, the...
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    Sonora - need Movement Install help

    It shouldn't be resting on the bracket, actually it (strike unlocking lever)needs to be resting on the right (looking from the back of the clock as you install the movements) side of the strike lifting lever of the chime movement. There is a strike lifting pin on the locking plate of the chime...
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    spring replacement

    Are there any suggestions how to best secure a new spring to the arbor pin, when the pin is rather is a common problem I have when replacing springs and something I try to avoid. I did file the sides of the pin, but no improvement. Are there any tricks you might have? thanks..
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    Straighten candelabra and clock ID

    Re: Straighten candelabra and clock ID-UPDATE I took Sooths' advise after the first reply and slowly bent the arm a little at a time, feeling lucky, I slowly bent the arm back to very close where it should be....I think it may be all that clean living...........nah! thank you all for your...
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    Straighten candelabra and clock ID

    thank you both for your replies
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    Straighten candelabra and clock ID

    I have a clock, French I believe, that has 2 candelabra's in the set. One clearly has an arm that is bent. What is the best way to straighten this? Also, can anyone identify this clock for me? The movement has PARIS 1900 MEDAILLE D'OR F. Martin, also 196 is on the left side of movement...
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    Grandfather clock

    This weekend I found a great looking GF clock at an even better price! I have always wanted a GF clock. The problem at this point is to find the remaining parts to complete it. It is a Barwick Clock (Howard Miller) model 4875, serial number 76562, it has a triple chime chain driven movement...
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    ST 89M with 5 bell Sonora chime

    I have been asked to do what I can to get this clock going. It is a bronze Seth Thomas Sonora, beautiful clock. I removed, dismantled and cleaned the 89M movement. Since I am unfamiliar with the Sonora chime movement I only cleaned it lightly. I found that the pendulum bob had somehow been...
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    ST stopping at the same minute

    I don't have this clock in front of me, but just a question....this Seth Thomas 89C always stops at 4 minutes before the hour....the owner hardly ever winds the strike train to avoid the gong. Do you think there may be a correlation between the two? I am wondering if 4 minutes before the hour...
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    Alarm Clock Parts?

    [whisper uid=1752] Enter private whisper here [/whisper] Im not sure if there is much difference between the two, but I have a ring with a horseshoe nut, from a Big Ben Style 1 or 1a you may have, no charge. just send me your address..... Daktana
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    Alarm Clock Parts?

    [whisper uid=1752] Enter private whisper here [/whisper]I may have what you are looking for, is this for Big Ben or Baby Ben and what is the Style, is is 1 or 1a?

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