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    Looking for a special book

  2. D.th.munroe

    A sad story from a while ago.

    I've had alot and still have encounters with bullies, I do have a bit of aspergers or autism spectrum disorder which makes it a bit worse. A bit like Les, I was, and well, still am treated like an idiot by most people. I was sent for tests with a psychologist because the teachers didn't think I...
  3. D.th.munroe

    Anybody ever heard of or seen a GSI B B 30 movement?

    From an Italian horological forum orilogiko.it "The acronym GSI stands for Gallo Sant'Ippolito. It is a movement made in Italy along the lines of the French Romanets and sold in quantity in the 1970s." GALLO SANT'IPPOLITO - GALLO Dan
  4. D.th.munroe

    Count wheel retainer for Seth Thomas OG

    Yes they usually require some shaping and sometimes filing down the little nib to fit in the hole in the countwheel.
  5. D.th.munroe

    Knurling tool.

    Well they are trying, I have an electric coil USB charge lighter around here somewhere. This does remind me of a suggestion I read about hardening and using maintaining power wheels from fusee watches as slitting saws.
  6. D.th.munroe

    Count wheel retainer for Seth Thomas OG

    I've made some by just cutting the shape out of thin brass with scissors and cleaning the edges up with a rotary tool. The Timesavers ones were part #11503. #115031 seems to be the same but on clearance.
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    Knurling tool.

    Not sure about antique but vintage zippo strikers are hardened, I just ran a file on the side of this one. Different pattern than you may want though but might work as a rotary file too. Dan
  8. D.th.munroe

    1935 Garrard (case) - LeCoultre (Movement) clock

    There may be a tech sheet or parts list in the 200s here, there is a few 8 day 19-22''' the straight line one is a 210. I have one or two round ones here but they are from aircraft clocks. Document Downloads Dan
  9. D.th.munroe

    Found clock British United clock company

    Hi samwells and welcome. Personally I would restore it, (actually have one on the bench now) not high quality, but the company wasn't around very long, so they are not easy to find, and they are decent little 8 day clocks. Dan
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    Looking for figurines for the Farmers Daughter cuckoo clocks

    I did make silicone molds the other day, and am going to mold some maybe tomorrow. Sorry I'm a bit late starting on my days off.
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    What's up with the Forums site advertising???

    I know when you first mentioned this RM the admins did change the google ad content to be "site and content related" instead of random crap ads (literally) so ads like those shouldn't be shown anymore. So they did try to eliminate the gross ones, they did stop for me shortly after.
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    New SHOP!!!!

    Ahh ok, I know they aren't whole house things and there is no dimmer switches, so basically it's back down to the service coming into the house.
  13. D.th.munroe

    New SHOP!!!!

    Really nice Dewey. Along with other tools, I still kind of want one of those medium sized l&r heavy duty cleaning machines to go with my normal and industrial ones. I wonder if an emi filter would work for my lights I just ordered a couple. I've been trying to find a solution to led flicker...
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    Clock repair rates and waits

    Thats a good plan nutmegtinker this is a great site for help and learning. I didn't get to start as young as you Matthiasi (I wish I had) my Dad was an Instrumentman in the US Navy when mechanical instruments were still being used, so I learned some from him but it wasn't enough for me and he...
  15. D.th.munroe

    Compact work bench ideas?

    I was going to suggest these but they are a bit cheap. Brunod's is nicer. Tabletop Workbench for Watchmakers

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