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    Watch 18 size hunter bezel/glass

    I need two 18 size hunter bezels (great if with glass but just the bezel is a good start). Would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Mike
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    Request for Rockford Serial Numbers from 1-255,000 ( now expanded to 500,001)

    Nice movement and case. I particularly like the case and eagle. Do you have info on the case? How is it marked? Weight? Date? I have two cases with very similar eagle on hunter covers and only marked "Warranted Coin Silver" and number marks (6 and 9 ounce cases). Thanks Mike
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    Should a fusee watch be fully or partially wound?

    Hi Graham. All the clocks are out/running and I clean/oil myself. PWs only wind/run when showing/discussing with others. Carry PW on occasion but not the fusee. Not sure why I started the 3/4 wind but like I said works for me/my collection. Semper fi.
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    Should a fusee watch be fully or partially wound?

    I own a dozen or so carriage and skeleton fusee clocks and many fusee pocket watches. I wind them about 3/4 of a full wind and that has worked for me for the past 30 years.
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    "S.W.C" & "Crown" Case marks

    I'm at a loss on initials as well after looking at all of the obvious candidates. It is a very detailed case so assume the company had a reasonable production for the tooling required.
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    "S.W.C" & "Crown" Case marks

    Thanks for reply Jim. It is a crown above SWC. I assume the false "winding crown" for that period/or earlier period was to give the impression that it was a stem wound watch at a time when that was a new trend feature.
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    "S.W.C" & "Crown" Case marks

    Can anyone help with identification of the watch case company? Date range? Also curious about the "crown" which isn't a winding crown but rather a pusher to open the front cover. Thanks for any info. Mike
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    Mysterious Chronometer Pocket Watch<

    Hi Ethan. Nice watch. Reference my post on my Frodsham detent chronometer movement marked " Frodsham Gracechurch Street London No 196" and only "Chronometer" on the dial. Our movements are almost identical and dials very similar. That discussion indicated that these were made by John Frodsham...
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    Help dating this watch

    "N" would indicate 1896 for Chester and that would match the style of the case. The name on the dial is likely a retailer. Enjoy.
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    Tiffany & Co Makers

    John - There is a bit of information in the Shugart Guides (several pages with types/descriptions including two marked #1516 and #13596) which notes low production for about 4 years from 1874 in Geneva which was taken over by Patek. Mike
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    historical pocket watch?

    Sounds interesting. Photos will help anyone with information.
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    M. I. Tobias? Watch Identification

    Agreed. He is a yank (from Baltimore I believe versus all of us this side of the pond) and is the "last word" on Tobias (M.I. and his uncle Morris) as set out in the two articles in the NAWCC publication. Mike
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    M. I. Tobias? Watch Identification

    Alex - I collect Tobias watches (and have several in gold cases) and can confirm that yours is a Swiss copy (mid to late 1800s) of those produced by M.I.Tobias. That said, I wish I had a timepiece carried by my Grandfather which I do not. If it was mine, I would get it fixed and carry it over...
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    Chronograph and quarter repeater pocket watch

    Javier - Overall design and governor. Try a google (le phare repeater) and you should find numerous marked versions. Mike
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    Is this a watch chain? Slide? or what.

    Fleetwood - Nice chain. What marks identify the item as 14K gold? Mike

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