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    Eureka Eureka Madedelaine Clock

    Thanks Jim. Just replaced the contacts, from Carlton Clocks yesterday, cleaned and lightly oiled ball races and put back together without too much setting up of anything. Just the bare chassis is now running off 1.5v D cell, actually at 1.6v, and steady with a 260 degree arc. Long way to go...
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    Eureka Move Ballraces

    Just started dismantling clock and opened up spindle bearings. One glass has broken edges and no paper gaskets. I guess greaseproof paper would do. Ball bearings are OK but I need to move the ball race 180 degrees. But can't work out how to get them out. Light tapping on the back doesn't...
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    Eureka Eureka Madedelaine Clock

    Afternoon All, I've got a Madelaine which belonged to my father. It has been sat in my loft/forgotten about for a good few years but I do recall it running with the large Flag Cell, but can't remember how good the time keeping was. Serial number 9622 Anyway, it is complete except for a battery...

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