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    seth thomas mantle clock question

    This is interesting. Learn something new all the time? I have never seen a Seth Thomas clock of this style with this type of back cover, having seen this style only on Adamantine clocks in the past. Had it not been substantiated by another example I would probably have thought it a...
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    Seth Thomas Label/ ID

    In addition to what I posted above regarding the labels on these clocks, a little more research indicates that this particular clock appears to be a Seth Thomas Leader No.3, ca1924. This clock orignially came in a Mahogany finish and has the Eight-day No. 89 movement. Thus, if this clock was...
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    Seth Thomas Label/ ID

    I wouldn't normally disagree with Harold, but here I have to make an exception. I believe that this clock probably did at one time have a label and Seth Thomas clocks of this vintage had it on the bottom of the clock. The Label would have been rather small and would have denoted the model name...
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    Column Shell

    On the surface that might seem the obvious solution, however as I have a collection of over 50 mantle/shelf clocks as well, the current configuration does serve it's purpose. CP
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    Column Shell

    Hi Inbeat, Nope, never got out of clocks, just sort of pulled back when I saw that the value of these things dropped like a rock in this recession. I have moved and as I indicated have less wall space for large wall clocks than I had before. So, I have several clocks in boxes that I will...
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    Column Shell

    Well to think the tablet is a replacement would disturb me a little, thus after reading your reply I have examined it closely and come to the conclusion that it appears to be original to me, but I am far from an expert on these clocks. I too have seen similar depictions in replacement tablets...
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    Column Shell

    Been a while since I have posted here. Basically pretty much stopped buying clocks quite a while back because we have been busy with having moved to a new home about six months ago. Problem is, while it is a larger home than our previous one it doesn't have the same wall space as I had before...
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    Howard Miller Oooop's

    Yes, I see what you mean. Actually I had thought that might be the case as I was thinking about the situation during dinner. Unfortunately, I have been busy with several projects today, such as wall painting and had not gotten back to the clock. I will go and reposition that lever to rest on...
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    Howard Miller Oooop's

    As Willie suggests, this lever is rubbing against the cam behind it. Should I bend the lever outward so that it no longer rubs? CP
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    Howard Miller Oooop's

    Sorry to be so late in getting back on this issue, but did not get around to getting at the movement in this clock until late last evening and it was acutally this morning before I was able to get back on the computer and read all these responses. First off, I took a photo of the movement this...
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    Howard Miller Oooop's

    Just moved and as a result had to dismantle my '70's Howard Miller Grandfather clock. Clock is typical HM three train movement. Well, OK I admit, it had been a while since I had done this and when I went to set the time I forgot that you are supposed to only turn the hands "counter-clockwise"...
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    Seth thomas shelf clock-manufacture date

    Bob, Per Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements, Tran Duy Ly, Third Edition, this clock is depicted on page 221, figure 657 and is listed as a "Cabinet" model with a production date of 1922. Cp
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    Seth Thomas Clock Co

    Can you post a photo of this clock?
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    Ithaca Calendar Clock and movement.

    Re: Help With Ithaca Calendar Clock and movement. Not in one photo, but in these two.
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    info needed for Seth Thomas Hanging Office#7

    To begin with let me state that I am certainly not an expert on this clock, but I do own a very nice example of a No 4 as part of my Seth Thomas collection. (I did post a photo of my movement for you in your other thread on this subject). Now, the above being stated, my absolute source of...

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