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Clint Geller

I have been an NAWCC Member for 38 years; I was made an NAWCC Fellow in 2003; and I received the James W. Gibbs Award for "Excellence in Horological Literature" in 2009. I founded the NAWCC "Pocket Horology" Chapter 174 (now inactive), and I have chaired two national seminars, including the 2002, "Boston: Cradle of Industrial Watchmaking" Seminar in Boxboro, MA. I have seventeen NAWCC publications with more on the way, including two books: NAWCC BULLETIN Special Order Supplement #5, E. Howard & Company Watchmaking Innovations: 1858 to 1870, published in 2005; and The Appreciation and Authentication of Civil War Timepieces, published in 2019. I also guest-curated a special six-month exhibit of Civil War timepieces at the NAWCC Museum, which kicked off with a scholarly seminar on July 6, 2019.

My primary horological interests in American pocket watches are: the American Civil War and pre-Civil War periods; and early American watches generally, including those of the Boston Watch Company, the American Watch Company, and E. Howard & Co. (a.k.a. "early Howard’s"). My current focuses are on watches, of both domestic and foreign make, with documented Civil War provenances, and “American Watch Company" Grade Walthams. I collect pre-1865 English pocket chronometers too.

I have a website: ClintGeller.com, to promote my series of sci-fi/fantasy novels, but the "Pocket Horology" page on that site, named in honor of my old NAWCC chapter, discusses all of my past and ongoing horological endeavors.

After a 40+ year career as a management rank research scientist and development engineer with the Naval Nuclear Laboratory (NNL, Bettis site, near Pittsburgh, PA) with about 40 technical publications and two US patents , I took a job in June, 2020 with Materials Design Inc., a state-of-the-art materials modeling software vendor and contract researchfirm, advising MDI management on materials science research programs, running scientific projects, and reviewing project reports. My title at MDI is "Senior Advisor Scientist," as it was at NNL.

I published a three-part science fiction/fantasy novel, "Gennebar Rising: Part I: Awakenings," "Part II: Into the Maelstrom," and "Part III: The Kozem King," on Amazon.com in 2017 and 2018:
The story is quasi-historical, taking place in an imaginary world with strong resemblances with, but also clear differences from, a celebrated time and place in real world history/mythology: First Century Palestine. There are no watches or clocks in my story, but the story line plays with modern concepts of space-time in entertaining ways. The entire three-book story received a very favorable write-up from Kirkus Reviews, a respected professional third party literary review service with a reputation for being tough, and even "cantankerous." Their review of "Gennebar Rising" can be found in their list of "Recommended" reads. All three parts of Gennebar Rising are available in ebook, soft cover and hard cover formats on Amazon.com and from other on-line booksellers, or from my own website.

My other interests include Civil War history, Old Tyme music and playing the banjo, and chess.
Mar 20, 1954 (Age: 69)
Pittsburgh, PA
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Semi-retired materials physicist
James W. Gibbs Literary Award, NAWCC Fellow Award, NAWCC Silver Star Fellow


Clint Geller, SFNAWCC, # 84,947


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