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    Weight driven banjo question

    I have had good success using the Kevlar line. I usually use it on clocks that had black thread on the weights. I still like brass myself but the Kevlar line does work well and look good. DPC
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    French A Vedette Carillon

    I really like the Vedette's. I have 5 of them and they have some of the best chimes I know. At least in my opinion. I have one that looks like yours but the case was in a lighter possibly oak DPC
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    Unknown Trademark

    An associate of mine recently sent me this picture of a trademark on a mantel clock that was unfamiliar to him. I have not found anything on it either. Does anyone watching know anything about it. It strongly resembles a Star of David and the cross in the star looks very Swiss in design but...
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    Porcelain in For Repair

    Does anyone recognize this maker or movement. I am not familiar with it. Customer wanted any information I might be able to give about it. DPC
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    Clock Stops with Dome On

    OK. He found it. The stop lever was defective. When you added the weight of the dome it came up just enough to contact the bottome of the pendulum. I knew it must be something amiss. There's no way putting the dome on stops the lock. Thanks for replying. DPC
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    Clock Stops with Dome On

    My associate has an anniversary clock that he cleaned. It runs and keeps time until the dome is put on. Then it slows and stops. I cannot imagine why. The dome is not touching any part of the clock. It is properly seated in the base groove. I will take any suggestions as to why installing...
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    Cleaning of the chime pin assembly on tubular chime movement

    I normally would not. If it is an old clock the pins can be secured with shellac and a water base solution may loosen them. If the drum is lacquered you may remove it or worse yet, only part of it and leave a mottled ugly piece that may require additional cleaning and re-lacquering. I just...
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    Grandfather Clock not Chiming

    Several possible causes for the problem come to mind. First check the chime silent lever as suggested by "Bikerclockguy". It does not look fully engaged but could be partially engaging the chime release lever and holding it up. My first question is. Has this clock been recently disassembled...
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    Seth Thomas unidentified "Tambour" clock?

    You have what I believe is a "Mezzo". Red or Mahogany Adamantine finish. Should have a #89 movement and was made around 1917. You have a little damage to the finish on the top left I see. If you're good with mixing paints you can make that all but disappear by mixing and matching Testor model...
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    Disney and New Haven Do Not Mix

    I have a rather extensive background in solvent and chemicals. I intend to experiment with removing the paint with a non aggressive plan first. My intention is to do the small basket first. It is small and easily manipulated. I will move on to the larger one if I have success. I just can't...
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    Disney and New Haven Do Not Mix

    I went to an estate sale this week and found this New Haven "Flower Girl" for a very good price. However, the people for whom this sale had been held were avid Disney fans. There were many posters, figurines, and plush toys of Disney characters. I wish they had stopped there. Someone got the...
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    Measuring new glass for a bezel without a retaining clip

    I agree with Tracerjack. I have replaced a number of these and that inner ring can be worked out. I usually start at the hinge and use a utility knife tip or something very fine to get under the ring and work it over the lip. I will just pop out once enough of it is clear of the bezel ring. I...
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    EN Welch question

    I don't know who to point you to but I have encountered people who have had things copied by 3D printers that are remarkably good. Maybe someone else can help or you might Google the topic and who does such work for hire in your area. DPC
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    Got me another mauthe

    I spoke to a German historian a few years back who gave me some interesting insight into some of these clocks with missing parts. Although many were lost in transport form Germany or by careless owners he told me something else. During WWII as times got tough for the average German people in...

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