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  1. CJo

    Dating kieninger

    Is there any way to date this movement? Thanks
  2. CJo

    English clock

    Does anyone recognize this mark? I looked in my European Trademark book and couldn’t find it. I was interested in dates, and company. Thanks
  3. CJo

    Circling pendulum

    Thank you for your help!:coolsign:
  4. CJo

    Circling pendulum

    Having issues with this pendulum making a circling movement. I’v Squared everything up, and still circles. What are your thoughts? TIA
  5. CJo

    Chain wheel in Ultrasonic???

    Can denatured alcohol be used instead of isopropyl alcohol?
  6. CJo

    Hamburg/American winding gears

    These are the winding gears from a Hamburg/American grandfather clock. In the past, I have always put these into my ultrasonic for cleaning as is, but am now questioning rather I should. What do you do? I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks
  7. CJo

    Clock style info

  8. CJo

    Clock style info

  9. CJo

    Clock style info

    And a picture of one of the ‘verticles’ which appears to be glass, possibly crystal. Looks old. The paper face, I originally thought was a replacement, but old, so not sure on that. Just saw that JTD said paper is a replacement. I agree about the pendulum, seems like it would look better with a...
  10. CJo

    Clock style info

    Here is the back of the movement.
  11. CJo

    Clock style info

    This clock has a Schlenker Sohne Schwenningen movement in it. Was wondering if someone could tell me what style of clock it is, Empire possibly? Also if you might have an approximate age or year for it. Thanks!
  12. CJo

    Schlenker Sohne Schwenningen

    Does anyone know about what year this movement would be? I can’t seem to find anything on the name and years they were in business. Thanks
  13. CJo

    Cuckoo Clock MFG. Co. Inc.

    Thanks Shutterbug for your response. Not sure, but think someone was trying to make something work for the suspension and gave up. Asked Butterworth if he had anything that might work, he said these parts are obsolete. So will see what I can come up with, unless I luck out and find a parts...
  14. CJo

    Cuckoo Clock MFG. Co. Inc.

    Was wondering if anyone has one of these and would share a photo of the back? It’s a triple chime, works , but is missing some pretty important parts Thanks!
  15. CJo

    Never seen this before. Odd part in Gilbert movement.

    Again, thank-you everyone that helped me to think through this so much more. A lesson I hopefully will never forget.:chuckling:

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