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    Swiss Emperor

    Unless you are very young, if it hasn't been serviced since you were a kid, please take it off the auto winder! Those are the most efficient way to chew up an unserviced watch.
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    Trying to Identify a Hamilton 500

    By 500 do you mean it's the electric wristwatch movement? I'd love to see photos!
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    Waltham Vanguard decimal time

    Ok! If I understand correctly the answer to my first question is 10, second question is still unknown, third question is about 100 (sounds like it's slow, not fast). Can you confirm those? And what is the answer to the second question please? I'm asking in turns of revolutions and numbers...
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    Waltham Vanguard decimal time

    To be extra sure, can you clarify please: when you are setting the watch, how many times does the big hand go around the dial for each time the little hand does? Is it 10 or 12? Also, how many times does the sub-dial hand go around for each time the big hand does? Is it 100 or 60 or some...
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    Balance Staff, First Time I Nailed it on the first try!

    Are the meantime screws to the left and right? It looks like they might be. If so you can screw one in a half turn and the other out a half turn to balance R/L. Which way to go is left as an exercise to the reader, as they say! (It depends on whether amplitude was low or high when you took...
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    Balance Staff, First Time I Nailed it on the first try!

    Wow 5 seconds is great. If you turn them both out the same amount, it shouldn't mess up your adjustments much (unless someone has done something unsavory to the screws, like filed on one of them). Often a full turn is about a minute/day. Remember the slot orientation carefully before you turn...
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    Square Steel Stems

    On all of these stems isn't the square part smaller than the round part? I don't see how you could make this type of stem by starting with a square, you have to start with round and file part of it square. I can't reasonably make this freehand either, a fixture of some kind is needed, either...
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    Franck Muller Crazy Hours -- Replica ?

    Oh wow! I would have never guessed. This reminds me of Daniels describing one of his early watches - he wanted it to be special, so he put a lot of effort into making a flyback hour hand mechanism, and while it was neat, you couldn't tell time on the darn thing so he quit doing that.
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    Franck Muller Crazy Hours -- Replica ?

    Isn't this just a watch with two normal hands, and a fanciful dial with the numbers printed out of order? I don't see any sign of a special feature involving the numbers.
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    My father’s gold Accutron

    Wow! I agree this is probably a 2181 tuning fork movement. Please don't be tempted to run it without service, if it has been sitting for a long time. Accutrons are great daily-wear watches, good timekeepers, and all parts are available for them.
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    Balance Staff, First Time I Nailed it on the first try!

    Congratulations! Friction staffs really are the superior technology!
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    My new favorite tweezers, The Dumont titanium

    Hi all, I wanted to give a quick review of the Dumont 3Ti tweezers I recently started using. They were a little too sharp for my liking as received, and I stoned the tips down a bit. I like the tips to be a semicircle instead of a square profile, so they still present a flat/tangential edge...
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    Picture tour of replacing a staff on a Waltham 6/0s wristwatch, enjoy!

    Do you still have the modified straight line clock? I would love to see it.
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    Critical Thinking and Watchmaking

    In the context of the middle ages, it makes sense that a dawn to dusk battle was 12 hours long, no matter the season. Depending on who wrote this statement, and when, and which religious rules they lived under, it may be a mistake to interpret it according to our modern understanding of "hour"...
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    Burlington Special Identification Help

    Those numbers are super cool!

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