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    Help with ID of a large short drop.

    I was referring to makers stamp on the works and re: to use of both clock in tandem it would have been a time only clock and the Estelle to. mark the start of class and the end of class. Like I said earlier I may be pondering too much.. Chris..
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    Help with ID of a large short drop.

    I was wondering about the population of this large format t&s short drop and where they were mostly used ie coach station, rail station or school ? I do know that may of these large format clocks, in time only. were used later on in tandem with Estell's Programme clocks so larger classrooms...
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    P.H.&S. Teutonia Clock

    Yep, you are 100% correct, All three Identifiers were used concurrently and some have said if the Hare is facing right then it is for "local" sale and if facing left it is for export but as you said that lack of company records and so forth make it nearly impossible to decently date a clock by...
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    P.H.&S. Teutonia Clock

    I have a small PH&S time only cottage clock that has no Teutonia reference or the hare stamped on the movement just says PH&S on the inner label and movement. Now weather this clock is before 1883 or after 1913ish who knows as records catalogs are scarce, but I do know that they advertised a lot...
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    I Want to move from Here.

    I live an hour east of Pittsburgh and there are zero knowledgeable clock shops in the area. The few that are around are hacks and charge sky-high prices and it's pretty bad that I know more than them. Here is a good area as you would be fairly close to Pittsburgh, Monroeville, and Greensburg...
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    Help with ID of a large short drop.

    Thank you Steven for confirming my suspicions as I was looking at the strike train layout and shape of the escapement bridge. Not so much on the lower left but on the right you can see marking that look like something was glued there at one time. On the lower left you can barely see markings but...
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    Help with ID of a large short drop.

    I recently bought a large short drop that is unmarked but the movement looks familiar and can't place it. The works are held in by the normal wood blocks and the face is 12'' total diameter of the upper is 17'' and the case is 24 1/2'' overall length. Ty. Chris.. .
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    1701 - 1800 John Conrad Heinselman 103

    Wonderful clock as well as the family history. It's a special feeling when a person looks at a clock and knows that it is woven into the family fabric. I too have such a clock, not as prominent or aged as yours, but still special. It is a Waterbury Merwin model that was a wedding present for my...
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    Waterbury 1874 mantel clock - broken click springs

    Depending on the style I use .0201 brass spring wire.
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    Seth Thomas No.2 Reissue?

    on antique price guide it has #2 and #2-reissue separated and you can see the slight differences between them. Yours, to me, looks like a legit #2.
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    New Haven and Sessions collaboration ?

    That is what I originally thought till I was contacted by 2 people, one had a labeled NH with Session works and the other had a NH labeled t/s shelf clock with Sessions works. I haven't found any info yet that suggests collaboration. I have seen some of the past threads but the question still...
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    New Haven and Sessions collaboration ?

    Normally I would agree 100% that you do not brand a clock by case style. I have gone through every Sessions catalog that I could fine and found nothing on this clock then found it in a New Haven catalog from 1914 I think, and had this clock in it along with dimensions identical to mine. Here are...
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    New Haven and Sessions collaboration ?

    I have a New Haven mission style time only clock with alarm currently for sale, which I have had for years that has a Sessions movement in it. There are no "extra" screw holes for mounting and winding arbor aligns perfect as well as the alarm wire that goes down to the alarm ,at the base of the...
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    E.N. Welch model name ?

    I bought this "unbranded" clock and discovered that it is a Welch and I looked on Antique clock guide and could not find anything close to it and also looked at Session models and came up with zero. Anybody know a model name ? To me it looks like a 1920's clock so I don't know if its Welch then...
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    Burnishing-is it a black art?

    I will make a short demo vid of what I was talking about.

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