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    Hot Hyde Glue Pot

    I fixed my typo and some how I am stuck with this message,. Sorry I can't get rid of it
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    Hot Hyde Glue Pot

    The name hide refers to the source of the material the glue is made out of. It can include the word animal or a specific kind. I was involved in the printing and bookbinding field for many years and that is the way we asked for it when purchasing. Most of our usage was for flexible hide glue...
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    Polishing Pivots

    Go to" Pivot polisher It is how you can duplicate what the old timers did
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    Square Pusher Broach

    John C. Losch answered this about 15 years ago. My notes from that answer indicated that he used a lathe with a lever fitted tailstock. He mounted the material for the hole in the headstock and drilled the maximum hole for the inside of the square. Then he locked the headstock with the indexing...
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    Clock ticking amplifier

    I am over my head in this because I am not a ham. But I remember they used to have articles about putting an audio input jack someplace on the volume rehostat. The old fashion ear buds with a alligator clip attached work great as mics. You might have all of this stuff around. I have used the...
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    Which pivot and burnisher to purchase

    The answers given ten years ago were wrong. He says that he is using the pivot file UNDER the pivot RIGHT end. This was the normal procedure and the file was designated as RIGHT. If the file was used on the top it would be it would require a LEFT hand file or burnisher
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    Need help verifying vintage electric bubble wall clock?

    Your logo has the word Mazda in the letters for a foreign word. The company is the Tokyo Electric Clock. I haven't tried to translate the tag but the 50 might indicate cycles. My only contact has been a listing in a bound copies of Chapter 131 in the MAWCC library which shows many Japanese logos.
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    clock repair class

    Bruce, Good to hear from you, Yes and No about me and the class. I am no longer the teacher, Pat Leung has taken over the class and moved it from the church to the La Verne City Recreation Building. They have a nice facility and no stairs to climb. I still attend the class and help the new...
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    Unusual tool no one seems to be able to identify - can you?

    Jerry, You ar amazing and I know. Your class class in Columbia, PA, on gear cutting opened my eyes and answered a lot of questions for me. So both ends of these tools had covers and had a small sapphire tis used in the final finish for the pivots of balance wheels.The bodies came in both...
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    Unusual tool no one seems to be able to identify - can you?

    Here are a few photos of the Elgin tool that I have. Sorry about the lighting but I think you will have an idea of what one looks like
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    Asian clock?

    Thanks for your info on the id of Yong for the logo. I have that as JCH02 on my Japanese web site. I had seen it among Japanese clocks but early on marked it as Chinese. When the logo on this dial showed up, my dictionaries were of no help in positive identification. After your message I went to...
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    Barr & Poole Poole executive repair

    My clock itself is in good shape but the battery tube is badly corroded and missing the top cover. There is a brass strip/catch attached to the back of the top that I assume gave one contact from the batteries and also could hold the cap on. If you could, I would like several photos and a...
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    Asian clock?

    I would think the clock is Chinese and made around 100 years ago. The Chinese were, like the rest of Asia, importing clocks from Japan by that time. But mostly the imports were the inexpensive wall clocks. The Chinese makers provided more elaborate shelf clocks with carving and applied silver...
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    Unusual tool no one seems to be able to identify - can you?

    Strange but a similar tool showed up from somewhere in my shop. I never remember getting it and never recalled seeing it before. Your messages led me to see the diamond in one end and there is an empty hole in the other end. The ends have a slight taper of about 1/4 inch long. On the side is...
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    Barr & Poole Poole executive repair

    Ian' Better late than never and I hope these photos help. The pendulum is 1-9/16 in diameter and 1/2 inch thick. It weighs 8 ounces. The face and sides are brass and the back is the inside filler metal.

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