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    What stories does your collection tell?

    I started collecting pocket watches when I needed one as a fashion accessory to my uniform at the Rockhill Trolley Museum. I started with a watch I had previously found abandoned in a storage room. I took it to the museum in Columbia where I was told it was an early 15 jewel BW Raymond. Much to...
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    IL Transit

    This brings us back to our discussion as to what exactly is a "transit" watch. Is it a watch intended for transportation use or does it have some other meaning such as referring to the movement of time? I have seen modern wrist watches with the name transit so I suspect it is the latter.
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    IL Transit

    I was watching but am suspicious that it was put together since I have seen IL Electric Railway dials with a variety of movements but not that combination. I hope another trolley museum member got it as it was very nice.
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    IL Transit

    A recently concluded auction was for a very nice watch with "Electric Railroad Standard" on the face. The movement was lever set, 19j, adj to three positions, and grade 706. It was an excellent example of a trolley watch. The unusual thing is that the movement was marked "Transit." It makes...
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    Altoona PA railroad museum clock

    The Altoona Railroaders Museum has a large unidentified clock to the right of the entrance to the theatre. The curator asked me to see if it can be made to work. It is not electric and has places for two winding keys. I showed it to a group of clock repairmen who thought it probably was Seth...
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    National American Railroad Pocket Watch Day April 18th

    Checking my Hamilton 978 Electric Railway Special prior to departure at the Shade Gap Electric Railway.
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    Hamilton Watch 992 with third hand?

    I have seen pictures of a 992b used by an employee of the still existing electric South Shore line which crosses a time zone between South Bend, In and Michigan City, Mi. I imagine that they were popular with all Eastern railroads which entered Chicago.
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    Puzzling watch inspection certificate

    A McKinley would fit the rest of the description. A lot of Electric railway trainmen used standard rr watches.
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    Puzzling watch inspection certificate

    This interurban watch inspection certificate dated 1919 is for a 16 size 21 jewel lever set Hampden watch. The puzzling thing is that the movement number 331484 is for an 1884 18size Hampden. Any ideas as to the proper number? "Aurora-Elgin Area Streetcars & Interurbans" vol. 4
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    Who collect's Watch Fob's

    A Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen fob is paired with my Ball RR watch. Since they represented both Pacific Electric and Philadelphia Red Arrow electric railway operators it is appropriate for my motorman uniform too.
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    Elgin Transportation Model

    I have attached two possibilities for what the author was referring to. In this case the author had first hand experience with the local electric railways. His father and relatives worked there. It is not clear what model is the 1942 Elgin catalogue picture of the Transportation model...
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    Elgin Transportation Model

    This weekend I bought at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum a series of books on electric railways around Elgin, IL. There are several pictures of the Elgin factory and how it was served. Of particular interest is the attached page illustrating an Elgin Transportation model pocket watch. I am not...
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    B. W. Raymond

    I found this watch in a box of misc stuff left in a storeroom by an unknown tenant years before. It became my first collectable pocket watch. 3920222, approx 1890, lever set, sidewinder, grade 27
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    Hampden Tramway Special

    Hampden Tramway Special. Grade no. 64. Model 3, 17 j, pedant set. Dated about 1911. It is serial # 2866545. An internet search listed a 2866114 and 2866537. This is a unusual name for an American pocket watch. Tramway is the common name for an electric trolley everywhere except in the United...
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    NOT a trolley watch

    A couple years ago I bought the attached Il Electric Railroad Standard watch at an Nawcc show. The face was perfect and I liked the IL display case which showed off the beautiful movement. At home I realized that something looked wrong. It turned out that the movement was grade 303, unadjusted...

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