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    Lost pendulum, seth thomas

    Thank you, Dave B. for the pics and measurement. Very helpful
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    Lost pendulum, seth thomas

    Hi all, A Seth Thomas clock has come in for repair and the pendulum is lost. It is the round 8 day time and strike with the mark on the back which is " 48 L. I don't see a pendulum of this type in any of the suppliers books. Would anyone happen to know the length and weight of this pendulum? I...
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    Small Glass see through Spherical Roamer clock please help

    how do you post to the european forum ? -> posts merged by system <- How do you post to the European forum ? Carroll Hardin
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    cuckoo clock help please

    Thanks to: Pee-tah---Harold---Shutt---Dwight---Scotrtie---Bkerr for helping with my 8 day cuckoo dilema. All parts are original-allbushings pivots arbors wheel teeth good shape. They wheel free and even coast when power by hand without the verge. Weights are original-It is a Regula 34. After all...
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    cuckoo clock help please

    I used to think I could repair cuckoo clocks, but this one has proved me wrong--it is an eight day, 2 weight, about 20 years old. It has been bushed, with end and side shake, all pivots and arbors straight, cleaned and tested without the verge and with it. ( time train) and everything is free...
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    new style floating balance

    Has anyone had any success in repairing a "new style" floating balance. I have one sthat the stem acts like a worn pivot, that is, slackat the bottom and won't stay running. Those hings are expnsive now and it might be good to know about repairing them, but might be more trouble than it's worth...
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    keininger gf chime sync problem

    kieninger grandfather chime sync problem A few days ago, I posted my problem with a Kieninger chimes not staying in sync. Replies suggested: wheels crossed--wheel slipping. Thanks to Shutt--Jeff and David. I just wanted to inform that the problem was solved; Not a slipping wheel but the chime...
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    keininger gf chime sync problem

    The replys on my chime sync problem with the Kieninger GF appreciated.I double checked the wheels and none seem to be crossed as they are all different and perform a separate duty. This is most puzzling. The suggestions that wheels might be swapped made sense, but doesn't appear to be the case...
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    keininger gf chime sync problem

    Thanks Shutt--Jeff and David. I have been thinking that had to be the problem, but I am always very careful about that, as I know you guys are, but I needed advice from you experts--as you know, the kieninger is a bear to strip and re-assemble. I will give it a try and let you know. Carroll
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    keininger gf chime sync problem

    Hello everyone-I haven't posted in awhile but I read the posts daily. I enjoy seeing the problems and advice given by you guys.Now I have a Keininger problem with syncing the chimes. I have set this up as it was when I dissasemled it and as Mr Connover says, the warn pin is beneath the fly--the...
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    With Thanks for All of You

    Aye Carroll Hardin
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    Really Odd Rack & Snail Issue.......

    The Seth Thomas movement #400-000 is the Hermle movement #350-020.The A preceding the number means one of two types. Contact Butterworth Clocks and he will meet you needs on this clock. Carroll
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    mainspring for Junghans clock

    Thanks to Harold-Willie X--Shutterbug--Bogey and Coldwar. I will try Meadows and Passmore as suggested. Perrin has the same spring stocked by the U.S.suppliers. Thank you Coldwar for your offer. Carroll
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    mainspring for Junghans clock

    A large Junghans clock in for repair has a broken chime mainspring. I measure it as 63/64 X .022 X 78 " long. There seems to be none available except 63/64 x .018 x 78 1/2. The barrel is 50 mm wide and 1 " deep. Do you think this spring will be strong enough for the chime ? Thanks Carroll
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    Tom. Many thanks for your help with the password etc. Carroll Hardin

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