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    Keeping clock in beat when mounted back in it's case

    I thought that's what nickels and quarters were for, If it takes more than a dollars worth of change I start using all the suggestions above.
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    Basic clock questions

    A couple more basic things that will help. Do not set the time by moving the minute hand backwards. Movements like yours are to a certain degree controlled by the clockwise movement of the minute hand, counterclockwise movement can even do damage at certain times. The hour hand however is...
  3. Carl Bergquist

    A Gilbert that has had a rough life

    Thanks Shutterbug, I sure you are correct. This is one of those movements that has been laying around for ages and now is a covid project. I can not be too hard on the person that applied this fix because any attempt to put a bushing in the upper pivot of this mechanism would be very hard and...
  4. Carl Bergquist

    A Gilbert that has had a rough life

    The pictures below are an old Gilbert movement with a very interesting dial feature. I have found a good picture of what this beat adjuster is supposed to look like. If one tried to rebush the top of this it would be very easy to create the mess that you see. The back view (third picture) shows...
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    Too much friction for moon dial wire?

    I know that this is not the exact model as you are dealing with but I think the theory is the same. The reason I have been called to this job is that the movement is being stopped by the moon dial according to the owner. Over the years the owner has had several discussions with the company...
  6. Carl Bergquist

    Moon Dial not working?

    I posted pictures and the instructions on the more recent thread by Tomb993
  7. Carl Bergquist

    Too much friction for moon dial wire?

    I am posting this reply to tomb993 and shutterbug, I think if you look closely it will sort of show what the system is trying to do. Starting with step 6 these instructions are addressing what they want the builder to do including the idea that the cam must move freely. I have not opened the...
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    Moon Dial not working?

    I am looking at this thread in November of 2020. I have be requested to fix a moon dial that when engaged stops the clock. I don't have my hands on the clock yet, but I did get my hands on the installation instructions and it will have this "wire like" set up. The company was Craft Products of...
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    Help Daniel Dakota wind up problem! HELP

    Sounds like a click spring problem. If the click is not making a ratchet like sound when you wind it then the return spring is stuck or broken and the spring simply unwinds. If you can wind it up a little way and then it unwinds you may have a broken mainspring.
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    Ansonia Mainspring info and help

    Most of my Ansonia OE movements don't have caps on the barrels and the Open end of the barrel faces the gear.
  11. Carl Bergquist

    Help What do you do with old "disposable" movements

    Kenosha is on Lake Michigan halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee. Anyone that would like to take a few or all of these send me a message and we will see if it is possible to do.
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    Help What do you do with old "disposable" movements

    I was going to ask a similar question. I have 25 or 30 movements that are just laying around that I would love to give to a beginner or someone that could use the things. There are some very nice movements. Ansonia, Waterbury, Kroeber and few nice French movements. My kids certainly don't have...
  13. Carl Bergquist

    Assembly posts-- is there a trick?

    I have them but rarely use them. I like a 4 inch pvc fitting and have several lengths of pvc laying around so I can get the movement at eye level in order to get the pivots to drop into place. Use only the weight of the top plate to work things into place.
  14. Carl Bergquist

    Ansonia Crystal Regulator - which escapement pallets to order?

    Don't let us scare you off. Do a bunch of reading, find the many videos and u tubes on this escapement. These crystal regulators are great clocks and as long as you don't jump in and start bending things you probably will not do any damage. Remember this clock probably ran for more than fifty...
  15. Carl Bergquist

    Evil Vienna update

    I have been following this thread and I am becoming frustrated. I have a few Viennas and have been this route. I'm a rookie but I have not seen the tension between the minute hand and the washer behind the minute tube discussed. My clock would run up a storm with the minute hand off, but put...
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