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    Is it possible to change the tune it strikes on a grandfather clock?

    That has to be the greatest thing that I have seen this year. Should have put Phreeze to work on Covid. Great job.
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    Views on turning the minute hand anticlockwise

    Why complicate things? I don't want to figure out what type of movement I am setting. Clockwise is safe. When someone asks my first rule is clockwise only-- not even a minute.
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    Ansonia pendulum too fast

    My beat book says Ansonia Clock Co. 5 1/2 on back leg June 18, 1882 9288 BPH. 36 teeth in the escape wheel.
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    Pin pallet escape question.

    Sorry, I though this thread was dead. After my last post on this thread I made new pallet pins and worked on bushings. Sb you have followed my latest thread and as you saw I have it working pretty well. I am in the process of putting the whole movement back together in order to give it a test...
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    Is this pallet pin too worn?

    Now to take it apart, put the strike train back in, put all springs back where they belong, get the hands in the correct positions and then get it in beat when in the case which will involve moving the crutch ( no leveling screws inside the case). If all goes well I will then have a running...
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    Is this pallet pin too worn?

    Well Shutterbug I don't know if I moved it a scooch, or a bit, or a smidge, or the luck of the Irish--just a wee bit, but it made a difference. With that, I was able to pick up a distinctive beat and with the help of the MircoSet honed it down a bit. I think is is going to run.
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    Is this pallet pin too worn?

    The clock ran until the power was gone (I only give the train 6 or 8 clicks on the ratchet in case I need to let it down). Fixing the hanging system did some good. I had polished the crutch contact with the block but had never taken the simple hook off the top end of the pendulum. There is no...
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    Worn pivot hole near plate edge

    I don't know if someone else suggested this. Just grind out the suspension cock edge to the size of the oil sink. It will look like the clock maker designed this for future repairs, it will not harm the suspension cock strength and you will not need to mess with the rivets . You will then have a...
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    Is this pallet pin too worn?

    Thanks Shutterbug. I have been reading and rereading the many posts on lock and drop. I ordered Conovers book three and have watched my video with the pendulum on, over and over. In the meantime I decided to improve the pendulum suspension. It has always been kind of a makeshift set-up and...
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    Is this pallet pin too worn?

    Thanks Willie, I'm sorry I can't get you better video. I've spent the last couple of hours trying to digest the comments on the lock and drop thread on this forum. Your comment on uneven drops being confused with being out of beat hit home. I can see that the drops on my escape are not equal and...
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    Is this pallet pin too worn?

    Two videos of the escape more or less working. Without the pendulum the crutch will tick away and not stop, a lot of swing in the crutch. With the pendulum it will come to a stop after a revolution or two. Not on a particular tooth but you can hear the beat change as it goes around. I can't...
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    Straightening a Vienna mount

    Things certainly look better without the block. How thick is the backboard? Were the holes stripped and that is why the block became necessary? If the bracket holes are a little iffy as to holding screws or not our model airplane club will put a drop or two of thin CA into each hole, not to hold...
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    ID help on this Unique Regulator

    Thanks, I will visit Maple Park next time in Lake Geneva. I was in the Lake Geneva Antique Mall about a mile North. They had a bunch of clocks, some very nice (and pricey). The bad part about malls is that you can never really talk to who owns what you are looking at. They will not tell you the...
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    Straightening a Vienna mount

    I guess I missed the fact that your original pictures were upside down. The pendulum stick hides the top of the bracket from which the pendulum hangs. So there is no issue with the pendulum. As Svenedin notes the quality of the case tells you that the case maker is not the block maker...
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    Is this pallet pin too worn?

    Jimmyoz ---- I was as careful as I could be. I was putting bushings into previously bushed holes that had also be punched at some point in time. The front original oil sink however was undisturbed. I was very happy with the wheel under the escape wheel. Endshake seems correct and it spins...

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