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    IBM IBM clock circut question

    The buzzer is to the left of the clock motor. It was loud enough for a classroom. You have a dual frequency receiver one for the clock and one for a buzzer. A single frequency was used for a clock without a buzzer and a single could be used for a bell or buzzer normally an outside bell in the...
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    IBM IBM clock circut question

    A master clock was programmed to ring bells and also to correct the wall clocks. It sent a pulse to a signal generator or transmitter which then sent a pulse to the wall clock or bell which was received by the bell circuit and rang a bell or buzzer. The wall clock would receive the signal and...
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    Simplex 2320

    There is no difference in the Simplex and the IBM. Simplex continued to make the IBM clocks with the Simplex LOGO on them. The the 2320 can operate both sync. and impulse clocks see print. If you have a lot of clocks to operate you may have to add a booster for more power. The 2320 would send...
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    Simplex case key

    Contact me at I might be able to help you.
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    Simplex 2320

    Hope this print helps.
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    International Time Recorder restore thoughts appreciated

    The bell duration was determined by how long the minute hand was in contact with the cam most likely about 5 - 10 seconds.
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    International Time Recorder restore thoughts appreciated

    There has to be other contacts for the bell programming, should be some other discs, pictures would help.
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    International Time Recorder restore thoughts appreciated

    Just disable the rod that goes from the upper clock to the bottom recorder and that will save on the wear and tear.
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    Simplex Clocking In machine, info please

    Do not power it up until you remove the covers of the 3 boxes on the right. They each have a bead chain for programming they have 1440 beads one for each minute in the day. When powered up the contacts have power to them, so if the chain is rapped around the contacts or there is a knot in the...
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    International Time Recorder restore thoughts appreciated

    Sound like the 11,12,5,& 6 maybe bell ringing contacts. I may have a motor if you want to contact me.
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    Simplex clock - need information

    Lubrication is dried up, we would spray it with WD40 or some kind of spray cleaner and put some oil on it.
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    Simplex synchronous clock rattling?

    Email me at i may be able to help.
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    Seek IBM 6148 relay

    Do you have a picture?
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    Simplex clock - need information

    I've been retired for 20 years, but as I remember before the electronic master clock was available to run the dual motor clocks, they were controlled by a wall plate arrangement, there was an on off power switch, an advance and run switch and a latching relay assembly that would control a lamp...
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    Raspberry PI

    Is there a schematic to build a raspberry PI for a 24vdc impulse wall clock

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